Clarkson does Arctic Convoys

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by guzzijon, Mar 31, 2013.

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  1. Just read in the Sunday Times that Jeremy Clarkson is filming a new programme about the arctic convoys. Should be good if his past efforts are anything to go by. I wondered whether anyone had heard when this was due to be broadcast.

    Apologies if this would be better in the TV area.
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  2. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    One of the many unsung horrors of WW2. One of my deaders was on a corvette. A fishing boat with a gun stuck on the front. At least he lived to tell the tale.
  3. So have we been waiting for 68 years since the Second World War for Clarkson to come along? I haven't. I've seen more than a few films and documentaries about Navy ships, Merchant Navy Ships, Submarines and convoys over the years and they've often been good and acurate. Frequently featuring former sailors telling of their experiences too. So why on earth does it make any difference if that fecking stupid plonker Clarkson sticks his face on the screen to speak about it? Does it become more brave, more cold, more difficult and more dangerous just because Clarkson is doing this? Well, not for me it doesn't - Clarkson is just a prick.
  4. Or the OP May have felt that he was bringing an interesting, largely neglected, story to a wider audience. Yo u just give the impression of being ever so slightly bitter. Lighten up, you will live a longer more contented life.
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  5. As long as the programme is of the same standard as the one he done about the Victoria Cross, then it should be worth watching.
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  6. Whatever your views on JC - he does attract a more mainstream audience that many of the other documentaries wouldn't have reached so, overall, it can only be a good thing in bringing the subject matter to a wider audience. Even better if he can put a star in a reasonably flimsy boat. I nominate Jeremy Kyle to make the Murmansk run on a pedalo.
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  7. The OP is highlighting the fact that there will be a NEW programme on the subject, what the **** are you spitting your dummy out for?
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  8. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    And his one on St Nazaire.
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  9. Again, I'm no great JC advocate however he does bring a certain jingoistic element to his programmes that no one else would dare to do, a certain I slap you in the face with my British passport you filthy foreigner style that we seem to have forgottoen about in these PC times. I'll definately watch it.
  10. A high profile character like Clarkson will attract a far bigger audience than would a "serious" presenter, so the awareness of what people did (and by inference still do in different ways) will be imparted to a wider audience, knob or not he will spread the word which can only be good
  11. I think he gets across the subject matter well, is engaging and respectful. He's a supporter of the armed forces generally and whatever you think you know of him via his televisual intrusions into your life, this is a timely documentary on a neglected area.
    Anyway, do you know when it's on?
  12. Have you watched the two shows about the war that he has done in the past?

    Both were done very well, lots of facts and very respectfully done. Having seen some of his pics and comments on twitter about the new show I think this one will be of the same very high standard.

    Whatever you think this is one thing he does do very well.

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  13. Deleted.

  14. Thanks Bryan, that made my day :)
  15. A 'prick' who does a hell of a lot of unsung work for injured soldiers, fuss-free visits to Headley for example. And always portrays HMF in a good light on TG. A 'prick' who has in all probability done more for injured soldiers than you.
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