Clarkson clips from Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, Nov 5, 2005.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. Goatman

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    from the print article:,,2099-1845732,00.html

    Good article......well done Jeremy and AA for at least getting off their arrses and going and having a look see.......wonder whether it changed their minds by one tiny particle.

    Le Chevre
    PS hey MSR - that your dad in the avatar?

    On page 2.
  4. AA Gill had something similar to say in his article:,,2099-1845733_2,00.html
  5. clarkson is brillaint isnt he... sounds like he got a good look around. Was also impressed with the fact they put so much effort into getting details right, Rank names, abbreviations, vehicles etc etc .... as opposed to the reporting from some of our favourite papers using words like 'elite regiment the RLC ...etc etc'
    Clarkson actually seems to pitch himself at the lowest level and it comes across as if he has a lot of respect for the boys, he understands the pressures that our lads face these days yet he also admires the optimism and humour of the lads doing the tough jobs! He seems to have been humbled quiet a bit by the whole thing.... but he's still bloody funny!

    i tip my hat!
  6. very accurate apart from where he said they were picked up by the irish fusiliers :!: :!: that'll be the R Irish then
  7. I must say I found the whole article hilarious. The pair of them are most amusing and show a real concern for the blokes. The bit about Blair lying was wonderful.
    will we get to see a TV programme or will it be on top gear?

    Bravo AA and Jeremy
  8. As much as I despise him, Jez put in a pretty good report by all accounts.

    Hat off to him. 8)
  9. How can you despise Jeremy C. He's the Man!!
  10. Clarkson gets right on my Tits, childish, imature, a natural born Gobber, but I will conceed he has the nesasary Goolies to do the job, Supporting the Lads up the Sharpe end.
  11. Shows how sad I am I find him hysterically funny and I agree with almost everything he says especially on Grumpy Old Men
  12. Quote "The pilot, known to his men as Lord Flasheart"

    Is this the same Lord Flasheart??
  13. "Grumpy Old Men' yes I resemble that remark.
    "I find him hysterically funny" yes simple things amuse .
  14. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Sounds like 90% of squaddies then.
  15. Which is why most of us can relate to him!! He speaks our language, and does it in a very blunt manner (which I find refreshing). "Its not an 'Entrenching Tool, Hand' its a 'fcuking spade' :D