Clarke fears Labour destruction

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Karl_uk, Sep 3, 2008.

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  1. Well what a f*cking shame that wud be :twisted: I'm all upset and everything :D

    Labour is "destined to disaster" and "utter destruction" at the next election if it does not change, former home secretary Charles Clarke has said.

    But there was not any "Blairite plot" to oust Prime Minister Gordon Brown, he writes in the New Statesman magazine.

    So even though they realise they're going to get a collective bitch slapping at the next election they still wont get rid of brown :?

    Only good thing i can work out from that is labour will hopefully never recover as a party and just cease to exist!! :D

    (well i can hope)
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    He is not wrong but he is about a year too late in saying so.

    My heart bleeds.
  3. Couldn't happen to a nicer party ------- tossers!
  4. Yes, and the conservatives will save us all and be the only party left to vote for........ :roll:

    Out of the frying pan......
  5. Then what?
    IMO Labour will get a bitch slapping at the next election. Then we will have The Rt Hon 'call me Dave ' Cameron in charge. Do you Know his policies? Does anyone?
    As far as I can make out, he is in favour of closer integration into The EU, the same as Messrs Bliar and the one eyed cnut. Britain will still have no control over immigration, as it's set by the Eu, the same as the disaster that is our common fisheries policy, DEFRA, the reason our bins now get emptied every other week, the reason why our power stations are getting closed down because they are inefficient, windfarms are taking their place, but when the wind does'nt blow the shortfall in electric production will have to be taken up by new efficient power stations that have to be fired up 24 hours a day ready to take up the slack, [Imagine the cost of all these power stations, and wonder why your bills are so high] the same Eu that could not cope with the disintegration of Yugoslavia that had been going on since 1989, the same EU that told Russia, after their little jaunt into Georgia , to halt their advance, or they would shout HALT a lot LOUDER.
    Every Democracy needs a decent opposition to keep the Government on their toes. IMO that's why Labour have bankrupted this country, because there has been an Opposition that basically have the same policies.
    Who is going to be the next Leader of the opposition?
    The Lib Dems are a joke, UKIP seem to have fallen by the wayside, that leaves that smarmy bastuard Nick Griffen and his BNP. Is that what you want? Because that's what will happen.
    You should hope that no matter what Party gets in power next time, we have a decent opposition, that wants to do whats best for Britain, and not best for Europe. :evil:
  6. The last thing i heard he was going to give a referendum on the EU when he gets into No 10.

    Not much he can do right now, and he doesnt have to. Labour have made themselves public enemy #1.
  7. karma.
  8. Sorry can't help it "things can only better ........" never very good at Kareoke but you get the idea :D

  9. Let's say, just for argument's sake, that you're a young thruster in Neue Arbeit. Would you want to take over the captaincy of a sinking ship, knowing that there's fcuk all you can do to save the situation or would you rather go back to your constituency and give your lifeboat another once-over and hope for the best, leaving Cyclops at the helm?
  10. What goes around comes around. I dare say if ARRSE had existed towards the end of 18 years of Tory rule, similar sentiments would be being expressed about John Major's administration.

    This isn't about Labour or Conservative, this is about the nature of British Poltics (or indeed politics anywhere) and once the Honeymoon period is over, the job of any Government is to take sh1t from the population for not doing this, not doing that, doing the other when they shouldn't have, etc.

    You cannot win in politics. If yer man Cameron (my MP, BTW - though I won't be voting for him) gets in we can expect 2 terms out of the Tories, much as we had with Labour, before the intense bitching from the populace becomes overwhelming and they find themselves in the same boat that GB and co are in right now.

    Like I said, doesn't matter what the colour of your tie is, Labour, Tory, Monster Raving Loony Party - what goes around comes around.
  11. You might recall that the tiny minority of the press who did not succumb to Neue Arbeit's glitzy "news management" tactics eleven years ago said exactly the same thing (in bold) about the fresh-faced Mr Bliar. The lack of any tangible policies didn't matter then and it probably won't matter when Pa Broon finally grows a pair and goes to the country because by then, the popular press will have ensured that the campaign will be fought on a negative footing, just like the 1997 sleaze issue...actually, I think they've already started.

    Brian Walden commented on this just before the last but one election. In his opinion, the reason that you couldn't get a feeler gauge between the red and blue policies was because they were being generated in response to highly sophisticated market testing in the form of focus groups which—surprise, surprise—were giving both parties exactly the same answers. Gone are the days when policies are based on deeply-held ideological conviction. Right or wrong in principle, you have to admit that's a convincing explanation from a man who spent practically his whole working life either in or reporting on politics. on, but I would go sightly further by adding that no matter how good the quality of the opposition, the biggest danger that faces this country is another landslide victory.
  12. Well for arguments sake lets pretend i gave a flying toss about the labour party...

    Perhaps i would want to as i might be able to ensure that labour dont get as completly destroyed as they will if cyclops is still running the show. So if say.. that cnut Milliband takes over before the election and manages to keep labour as the main oppisition, and if the economy/general state of the rest of the world carry's on like it is there would be a chance of kicking Dave out while he try's to sort out the mess that cyclops has made..

    We have to presume that Milliband (or any other poetential leader) cares more about the survival of the labour party than being known as the person who poetentially led labour to extinction at an election tho. (fat chance of that :x )

    So all in all.

    Keeping cyclops as PM.
    Short term - Labour stay in power for a little bit longer while being the most hated government possible ever :?
    Long term - Poetentially destroyed as a party. Possible two or three terms as the opposition depending on how well Dave does.

    Getting rid of cyclops.
    Short term - A new leader would probably have no choice but to call an election or the papers would crucify him. So chances are they would be in opposition pretty dam soon.
    Long term - Chances are a new leader would give labaour a bit of a boost at the polls are be able to cut the Conservatives majority making it harder for them to undo the mess labaour have made. Soshould make it easier for them to get reelected.

    Well thats how i see it anyway.. :)

    Long term
  13. This is deep-seated problem with all political parties these days, style over substance. It is something that disgusts me on so many angles but it seems that the general populations are more and more disconnected from real life. I dislike intently that the press seems too have more influence than is healthy, due in part by “the cult of celeb” over fact. I am also constantly shocked and ashamed that so many past and present generations know little and seek to know less about history and politics. In this country and the world generally. My parents are a case in point! They have blindly voted conservative regardless of their policy yet decry the labour families that do the same.

    Many still blame all the ills of this country on labour of the 70’s yet know and understand less the context of the winter of discontent. Each generation since also has IMHO just bothered less and less while shuffling to the voting booth with less care time and time again.

    Answers well compulsory voting may be the way forward!

    I didn’t and won’t vote for labour, but a strong and healthy opposition is vital too ensure that the imperfections of democracy do not slip away. Allowing a party the ability too bring any law or motion into the chamber and be passed without any question on its validity or value, without that we risk the drift into the grasp of totalitarianism. Sound familiar!!!

    Without other parties no matter how much you may disagree of dislike their views and policies, and a active and engaged populace, then you have a shadow that resembles democracy but is in fact totalitarianism.
  14. HJ, good post. The question I ask is "why should joe average give two sh*ts about voting?" Politicians do not listen and do not act in the way that their electorate ask them to. They are completley unanswerable to any regulatory body and when they do get caught up in legislation they change it to suit their needs. Whats needed is not a healthy opposition but an end to career politicians who exist to line their own pockets. As flawed as the American system is it seems far more attractive than ours at present. At least the yanks know that they are only stuck with a bad decision for 8 years max and they can counter the power of the President through the senate and house of reps.

    Compulsory voting? It will never work!