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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by bolshoi, May 22, 2002.

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  1. I'm just wondering if someone could explain to me the difference between the "lightside" vs. the "darkside".

    Just a curious Canadian with a lot of time spent in Otterburn and Sennybridge.
  2. The lightside is good and noble, whereas the darkside are evil, were slightly higher paid and never see the outside.

    Mind you.. not that there is much difference with the new crop coming through.
  4. Lightside = sitting around all day in an office (with windows) typing, collating, making tea/coffee and sometimes sticking the odd map or two together....

    Darkside = sitting around all day in an office (without windows) typing, collating, making tea/coffee and sometimes listening to the odd bleep of comms traffic...

    Hehe!  ;) ;D

    One of the reasons why I transferred out.....
  5. Thanks Eagle. That's what I thought. I just didn't want to assume anything.
  6. Whatever happened to Jip Travolta / Eagle? some say he got into new media and moved to the West Coast.

    I thought I saw him at the Harp Players a few times. He drives a harley now?? :oops:

    Not sure if we need to get Glad to comment on the seams of his leathers and acoutrements??

    Miderated by Bod
  7. Appurtenances and accessories a specialty for us back-of-house types from the Harp Players, of course.

    Micturated on by God
  8. Welcome gladys, been away?
    You're missing, Rocky says you're sick
    Sean Keenan says you're scanner's bust, nothing untoward I trust?

    Intercepted by nobody:................................................ in Finaghy
  9. ....and don't believe a word any of them crowd fae Poleglass give out with, I knowed 'em when they didn't have an arse in their trouser an' now look at the heathen big South Fork houses on 'em. See thon wee beardy ginger boy, aye, you know the one I mean. Pure scum.