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Hi guys,

OK thought it may be polite of me to answer some of your feedback.

Please do not think I am here to spam the forum – I am not. I spoke with the Good CO and ran the idea passed him to see what he thought and he suggested the best way forward was to use RSS feeds – ironically this is new to me.
The concept is...

For readers of military history who want to know what's going on in the world, but don’t have the time read a daily newspaper from cover to cover - let alone all of them. On top of that, there’s a plethora of TV, magazines, forums, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and thousands of websites to keep up with.
Pathfinder Online takes the very best of the British and international military history news and comment, and distils it into one online magazine. To help you keep abreast of events and form your own opinion of the latest issues.

I am most not here to tout for business as I really don’t need to ask you for that. Pathfinder Online isn’t even finished yet – we have a lot to come, including working along side the Wheatcroft Collection which will allow the world to see what is in and going on with the collection – including the S130.

With regards to the RSS feeds – as this is new to me –I can’t flipping well control what feeds into ARRSE as there are some great news items on there that are more relevant than what currently feeds into ARRSE and I do understand your points.

Can I make comments on the items posted? Hell no. Why? Because I just don’t have that dept of knowledge on all those articles. To be honest I am speechless with the level of profound knowledge on here from you all. I have noticed that some of the news items have produced great debate and information exchanged – that’s how it should be. My knowledge is on the build up US forces for D-Day in Dorchester and the surrounding marshalling camps that were in Dorset.

So a bit about me so you can judge that I am no wide boy.

43 years old – single parent to two of my kiddies. Live in Dorchester. A total passion for our WWII history . Why? Because our people must never been forgotten. I founded HMVF – Historic Military Vehicle Forum of which some of you are very active members. Won the Bart Vanderveen award for that in 2008 – here on After The Battle website After the Battle - Bart Vanderveen Trophy > 2008

My members and I raised over £10,000 in 2009 for the Normandy Veterans Association. I was outraged when I heard that our government were refusing to pay for our Vets to go to Normandy for the 65[SUP]th[/SUP] – the US paid for their vets to go – up to a 13,233 mile round trip. Ours wouldn’t even pay for them to go 24 miles across the channel. I think indirectly we raised another £10,000 by the rest of the hobby having to do something after we took the lead on this. I went to meet some of the vets we were able to help in Normandy – very moving.

In 2009 I started the Pathfinder Magazine – it was a printed magazine. 2010 after going through a horrendous divorce I lost everything – in fact this time last year I was homeless. But hey, I am not jumping out of a C47 into battle or storming the beaches of Normandy and I am not in Afghanistan so what the hell have I got to bitch and moan about? Nothing. The is 'bum' in town as most people refer to him as. You know, 'smack head', 'P*ss head', 'lazy peice of' you know the usual mindset. I am the only one in town who looks out for this guy - not many of the idiots in this town realise is that he is exforces and has been forgotten and disposed of by his country. I don't like that - it makes me spit.

This year I decided that I would take Pathfinder Magazine online and so that’s what I done. The reasoning behind that was a) I could do it with next to no money b) it is the future c) we had great articles in the printed magazine but once read and over the long term they are usually binned – I found that a complete waste of our history as where online we can have as much content as we want and it will be here forever. Over the years it will develop into one hell of an archive.

Also in 2010 I held a WWII tank event in Dorset – no this is not spamming – just a link to the site or put armour and embarkation into YouTube. In fact I put £3000 into the event myself. It was going to be a one off as it exhausted me. We had five tanks heading up the 67 WWII vehicle convoy and we done 30 miles throughout the lanes of Dorset that day and arrived in Dorchester to head up the carnival. The reason I held and put together A&E was to commemorate then build up to D-Day in Dorset – as you will know it was a major embarkation county for the US Army. From Weymouth and Portland, elements of the Big Red One (1[SUP]st[/SUP] Div) left for Bloody Omaha. The Rangers left from our ports for Point Du Hoc.

It was such a success that I was kind of beaten to give in to do it again in 2012. So it is happening again in 2012 – but this time we have 20 WWII tanks already booked in and all the associated armour. One mag editor is billing this as the world’s largest WWII tank event – a bold statement and hope I can live up to that. We have some very unique vehicles coming – Shermans, Hellcats, Stuarts, M10’s, M18’s, Chaffee’s. M4 High Speed Tractors and a Dragon Wagon along with halftracks, scout cars, Macks, GMC gun tractors actually towing 105’s. Ken Tout was due to come last year but his house move proved to much so he will be with us next year. The Tank Museum said they would be putting their Sherman in the convoy. This year it is over two days as we will be going to the fantastic Veterans Weekend in Weymouth on the Sunday – we will be covering 60 miles this time. I do all this for free – because we must never forget and it is my view that we must take our history to the public in the highest impact way we can.

So that’s pretty much me. But as some of the debate has been eye opening and you feel you would like to write one or two articles then let me know as I will pay the same rate as I pay everyone.

If anyone really wants to kick me about then please feel free to PM me for my number and I will give you a buzz.

Best wishes,


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