Clarification on Walts

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Welshexpat, Jun 7, 2007.

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  1. OK - if the definition of a Walt is in a thread here, I have failed to find it.

    So - I have worked out that it is a waffling cnut who either never served, or maybe did but never saw any action, gained much promotion, served for very long - but claimed he did all that and more.

    Also guessing the term comes from 'Walter Mitty'? - If I am correct I will be so chuffed I will buy myself a medal - maybe.

    My ex brother in law was a fat G1098 storeman - 9 years, left a L/Cpl.

    When one of our guys got killed in Derry, he didn't ring or write home for 3 weeks, and when he did he claimed he had been undercover, hunting down the gunman, who of course he took out in the South.....

    When he left the army he took his bingo book with him (dunno if you still use these - a mini photo album of terrorist mugshots) a confidential document. Went round telling people that this was all the people he had killed - had a fantastic story for each one. He even told people he had had to put weight on to 'fit in' better - otherwise his phsyique may have aroused suspicion.

    That's a Walt - right?

    Please excuse my ignorance - you have no idea how traumatic being thrown out of the SAS for bullying can be.

    topic done to death - hooped. mk
  2. Spot on.

    Walt is short for Walter Mitty and your example is classic Walting...

    Every Company/Pub/Club has got at least one.
  3. Beat me to it Pigshagger....

    Was about to say 100% Walt!!