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Clare short



Labour rebel Clare Short has declared that the overthrow of Saddam Hussein was not worth the death of one Iraqi.

The International Development Secretary said the deaths of any civilians could never be "a price worth paying".

Ms Short was a vocal opponent of the campaign before the Coalition launched its attack.

But unlike her colleague Robin Cook, the former Leader of the Commons, she did not stand down.


She told a briefing of foreign journalists in London on Tuesday that she could still not justify the war, waged without UN backing, despite the prospect of democracy being introduced to Iraq.

Asked if the overthrow of the regime was a "price worth paying", she said: "I do not think that the death of any human being is a price worth paying.

"I do know that the targeting was more careful than it has been before, but that does not make it pleasant."

She went on to say it was too early to assess Tony Blair's post-war reputation and refused to concede that he was right to back the US.

"It is too early, as the Chinese say, to decide what the long-term effect on the reputation of the Prime Minister is," she said.


There was speculation before the conflict that Ms Short would be forced out of the Cabinet once the campaign had ended.

It emerged last month that aid agencies had urged her to stay in the Government to help with a post-war Iraq.

She told journalists on Tuesday that the Coalition had not done enough to stop Baghdad descending into chaos.

"The rapid collapse of the regime was not prepared for," she said.,,30000-12288168,00.html

When will Tony get a grip and issue her with the brown envelope?   ???
I think she and Comical Ali should trade places, I'm sure that the Iraqis will find her comments as utterly ludicrous as we did his.
What happened to my post?  The fact that I believe Clare Short should have a bag over her head........ is fair comment!  

Pongo your turning into a miserable b*stard.

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