Clarabel. Was it the snipers nemesis?

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by rgjbloke, May 16, 2010.

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  1. The last tour I did over the water which was in 1977, all the land rovers we used were completely stripped down but I recall there was a makrolon covered land rover making the rounds fitted with something called clarabel. Or, at least I think I recall it. The vehicle was fitted with sensors and there were 2 consols inside the vehicle, one in the front and one in the back which when a shot was fired would show you the direction it had come from.

    It could on the one hand be seen to be a useful bit of kit because it is always good to know from what direction the sniper is shooting at you from but, on the other hand, if someone is shooting at you in a soft skinned motor, who's going to be the one hanging about looking at clarabel so, they can tell their muckers where the naughty gunman is? not me! A situation like that was definately bailout into cover time and then spot the sniper if you can.

    We were also advised not to stand in front of the front sensor which was fitted more or less level to your nether regions, unless you really were serious that you didn't want any children ever.

    Having said all that, I cannot find any reference to clarabel anywhere and I just wondered whether anybody else had come across clarabel in their travels or, was it just me? Can't have been!
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  2. Never heard or seen that? was there a few times in mid 70s on, and worked Town n country, but nope new one to me?
  3. Yup,Claribel was being used in Belfast,76-78,used two sensors to "try" to triangulate the origin of the shot.
  4. The name rang a bell (not that I'd ever been involved anywhere near one) so I Googled and came up with this:

    Claribel is the word you're looking for. Radar GS No20 Mk1. Hostile fire indicator radar.
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  5. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    There are several similar systems available nowadays....

    They won't do anything to you as they are purely passive sound detection, tend to rely on supersonics for distance, but in theory will spot direction and distance of the sniper.

  6. Well you live n learn,wonder how popular/widespread was its use.
  7. Claribel not Clarabel. Thanks for the confirmation guys. It was one of those niggling little things that you remember but hadn't seen anything like it since and just wondered why, given the advances in electronics since those days, there arn't better systems in use today? I only ever saw it on the one makrolon covered vehicle so I don't know whether it was put to serious use.
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  8. It was used by soldiers, this would explain why 3 RTR saw & used it, you on the other hand...
  9. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Have a quick look at the link I posted above, same type of system just modern setup. Benefits from modern technology in the following.

    1. sensors closer together, less footprint on the vehicle.
    2. can calculate range as well as direction.

    There is also a man-wearable verion...never seen it though so have no idea what it it like.

  10. had claribel in the sanger at whiterock belfast it had a big red button saying test so i pressed it all hell broke loose , ops room went mental with me
    also seen it in the vehicles it had little diamond lights in a circle that would light up and go round then flash in the direction of the shot
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    Its the law FACT
  12. There was something like that in a sangar on a PVCP in the middle of Strabane, 78-79
  13. Had one in Turf Lodge and we had to test it by firing an air rifle at it! Cant remember how good it was
  14. Still had Claribel in the sangars in FWR in '87. I've still got the instructions somewhere at home - CQMS had an air rifle on charge for testing it!
  15. Was definitely sanger mounted in late 80s........... Keady, I think.

    One flaw was during helicopter landing and take off. Claribel would go off giving the sanger monkey the impression the Helicopter had come under fire.