im a qualified signaller in the ACF, im hopefully off to blanford soon and i was wondering as bowman is now being introduced are the regs and TA still using the PRC 349 and PRC 351?

iv seen no pictures of troops in the gulf using them and was wondering if they have been fased out now. any scalies know?
We're still using Clansman Jr and will continue to do so until BOWMAN is fully delivered. As an aside, and as you say your off to Blanford, just be aware that CNR is not something that the Scalies have much day to day contact with as it is a common user piece of kit. I hope this helps.
Clansman has a bit of life in it yet cos, let's face it, Bowman is the new Fictional Advanced Radio Tactical System (FARTS)



Your skills in the use of Clansman will not go to waste, Your skills in VP and Operator skills will serve you proud. Whilst at Blandford your skills will be enhanced. Bowman is the way ahead, your previous skills will serve you well
Does anyone know if the MoD has placed any specific requirements on Falcon yet. I'm aware that two main contractors are still limply battling it out, but are there any technical requirements like:

a. it needs to be software programmable

b. must be multi-band, multi-mode etc

c. a large family of radios or one or two generci hardware platforms

Falcon as I understand it is not a Combat Net Radio. It is going to replace Ptarmigan and as such will be a point to point network coverage type radio system, with the usual switching and access facilities. I do not know the exact transmission media, but it is likely to utilise UHF and SHF. The waveforms used are likely to be bandwidth efficient and should allow for larger pipes (8 - 12 MB) across RR links as opposed to the current 512kb links. Not sure what protocols will be used, but perhaps ATM or some other broadband networking protocol.

All I know/guessing does anyone know any different

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