Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar, Feb 10, 2005.

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  1. Watched the Sweeny program tonight and with 1 Para it got the blame for the death of the 6 RMPs. I know its old but it always worked for me and I trust it to work. Ok so sometimes I had to show it some BCH but the 320/321 always got through in the end :?:
  2. If you believed Sweeney and had no experience of Clansman you might be forgiven for thinking that no-one could send so much as a radio check without putting up a mast. Now Clansman is bad (349 esp) but it ain't that bad!
  3. At least it works - unlike its replacement......
  4. You get the same kind of problems with COUGARNET but in the end it is the human factor that fcuked it all up.

    Either operator error or the reciever was away having a tab :roll:

    Say again over.....
  5. Well, if Clansman is bad, and I have to admit it was never outstanding, at least it was 100% better than Larkspur which it replaced. At least you don't have to worry about frequency drift, retune every half hour and constantly give radio checks to make sure everyone is still in comms. To balme a particular incident on a radio system that has been working for the last 20 years is a little lame. Things could always be better on the comms front, but if you were issued with the right kit/ammo for the job you could make it without comms.
  6. Second that,when i joined A40/A41 were utter crap,C11 was the size of a house and still crap,C13/B47 were crap,we welcomed the advent of C42 and that turned out to be crap.CLANSMAN was welcomed as the great new thing and for the last 25 years(on and off) it has been (intermittently) crap.BID seemed to be OK but turned out to be as crap as everything else.Always the Sigs blamed it on the operator and I have seen wonderful operators move heaven and earth to get comms but the system defeats them all in the end.Now we hear all the prognostications about BOWMAN and all its faults.Where does the solution lie?
  7. FLAGS!
  9. Mobile phones?
  10. SHOUTING OK mobile phones work but unless they are issued we end up subsidising the war and who can guarantee coverage in BONGO-BONGO land?It is also not an all-informedNET
  11. God dam it the answer is carrie pidgeon. Then you can get rid of us tech, replace us with vets and remove 80% of threads on ARRSE!!! :D :D :D
  12. That will be all right then!!!!! I don't need to worry any more :twisted:
  13. Sounds familiar WWII Nijmegen Operation Market Garden......

  14. Better Of With Map and Nokia - Mobile it is