Clansman, what radio sets and acill's were there

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Cardinal, Aug 20, 2010.

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  1. Need to see if anything is missing from museum collection.

  2. 320,321,349,350,351/2,353,353Z(for CSSH), DMU? from memeory then all the specialist ones....
  3. SURF, TURF, TUAAM, CRSLR, RCDM, Mute Switch, BID 250..............
  4. Loads. Type in CLANSMAN on e-bay.

    Didnt see any 320 solar shields last time I looked.
  5. RP578

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    (The message was too short apparently, hence ...)

  6. Plus, 319, ARFAT, Comanders PU, Crewmans PU, Remote PU, Remote Handset, IB2, IB3,CBF, CB2, CB3, DB, Amplifier/Loudspeaker etc


    Look here
  7. 8 metre mast, that thing that looked like an inside out umbrella..
  8. 322? 250W TURF & SURF too.
  9. 1,2m whip antenna, trailing wire antenna.....the list is virtually endless!
  10. that was called a GMM (Ground Mounted Monopole)
    GSA (Ground Spike Antenna)
    EK-GSA (Elevation Kit, Ground Spike Antenna)
    EVHF (Elevated Very High Frequency)

    Handset, Wired
    Handset, Remote

    TKC (Test Kit Condition)
    TKA (Test Kit Audio)
    PDB (Power Distribution Box)
    DCCU 12V (Direct Current Conversion Unit 12 Volt)
    DCCU 24V (Direct Current Conversion Unit 24 Volt)
    ACCU (Alternating Current Conversion Unit)
    IBMS (Intelligent Battery Management System)
    DMU (Digital Master Unit)
  11. What radio sets were there? Are there more like....some people are still using it...
  12. Hand generator
    TKH (Test Kit Harness )
  13. 344 and for real fun and games at night 5.4M mast.
  14. That would be the Ground Mounted Monopole IIRC (GMM)
    Also, not spotted thus far the Elevated VHF antenna, commonly referred to as the Pineapple, and the Inverted V, which was highly directional.

    Has the 12m mast had an honourable mention yet?