Clansman vrc 353 freq readout bulbs.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by jimtylee, Jul 2, 2012.

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  1. Does anyone know what the procedure is for replacing the freq readout bulbs they appear to be buried in the set
    thanks jim g4rek
  2. Bulbs? After all those years using a torch...
  3. IIRC the bulbs are set in to plastc, which is a specific part. If you don't have tis part I wouldn't suggest going any further.
  4. Okay thanks, i will leave well alone as the set works so well
    jim g4rek
  5. Ha ha, twat of a job!

    Just had a look to remind myself. 4 X 5mm Allen bolts on the front and 1 on the back let you take the case off. Be careful how you lie it down after this as I'm assuming you don't have the frame for the back.

    VRC353,view A.jpg


    You'll see there's quite a few bits to get through.

    Yes, (5?) bulbs wired in series. A 'field repair' was to bridge the broken filament with a bit of fuse wire. This slightly increases the voltage to the remaining filaments and will not last as long as replacement of a new assembly, but it works, for a while anyway. It also reduces the amount of bits you need to take off.

    I think you've come to the correct conclusion! :-D
  6. This job was second only to building a new synth for a 349 in terms of Arrseness.

    The entire FSS assy has to be taken off and, ensuring the dials and selector switch aren't moved, replace the bulb set.

    Much easier to shine a torch at it.
  7. Set fire to it and use a cell phone instead.
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  8. Notice warning about Beryllium Oxide. IIRC this is extremely toxic stuff. Another good reason not to fiddle with it?
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  9. Will do