Clansman radios

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by stormtrooper2006, Mar 30, 2010.

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  1. Does any one know the scaling for the old clansman radios in an infantry coy, eg how many 349's ,350's ,320's and any other radios. (or point me in the direction of the right jsp)

    Cheers Robert
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    2 x 349 per section including Pln hq, 1x 351 or 352 (I cant remember which) at Pln HQ. It was a long time ago!
  3. Don't forget the 350, for the Pl Sgt.

    Probably then 3 x 351/2 for Coy HQ and a 321.

    If Sp Coy could have the UHF (344?) as well.
  4. Mor Pln had loads of 352s. Atk didn't.
  5. Sorry to keep this going but does anyone know the pamplets for vrc 353's PRC 351's and prc 349's as I've discovered that I now have to teach people how to use the fcuking things an can't remember myself.
  6. the pam is #41 part 4
  7. 320 was HF I think and we had one per pln on occaision
  8. Staff Officers Hand Book?
  9. Try these links or just have a look for the pamphlets on the net.

    Failing that you might be better searching or posting on the Signals Forum.
  10. Give Sig Wing a call, different Coys had different scalings depending on róle.
  11. I'll say again the Pam you want is No.4 Part 4 i know coz im looking at it now.
  12. Who is Sig Wing, and is he working this weekend??? 8O

    That's an understatement. We'd had Clansman for nearly a year before the instructions arrived. It was a relief to find that we had been correct in our assumption that the monopole antenna was more than just a clothes airer.
  14. Try to get hold of the Cadet Forces Signals Training Team (I'd suggest Blandford as a starting point). As these items of historical interest are what we humble Cadet Instructors have to use for signals equipment (if we don't go down the 49 MHz toy radio route).
  15. you have PM