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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Outdoors, Jan 22, 2011.

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  1. Hello, I have seen lots of adverts for ex MOD radios for sale on ebay, I was thinking of buying a couple of 349's for when I go camping with my son, but I want to make sure that
    A. I wont be interfering on any military radio net.
    B. Do I need a VHF licence.

    My thoughts are I should be ok since the radio system has changed but I thought if I ask first instead of having the Police knock on the door.

    Thanks for any help
  2. Why on earth would you want to by an antiquated piece of shite like Clansman?

    Try Argos or Currys for a (lot) cheaper more reliable product unless of course you wish to impress any passing CIVPOP with you military credentials.

    Are you TA?
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  3. Get a pair of 320s, then you and he can go camping on completely different continents.
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  4. TRY THESE INSTEAD Motorola T5622 PMR446 Radio
    Sack the 349's for a couple of extra butties instead. The link does all ancills for their radios as well. Not bad for 86 nicker
  5. PRC 349s would be pretty pump, unless you were teaching your lad antenna theory and plugging in improvised vertical di-poles.
  6. Why would you use a 349 to teach improvised antennas or antenna theory?
  7. We used them as a demonstration aid of increased range when improvising antennas. The vertical di-pole for a 349 was fairly small so was convenient to use.
  8. To anticipate the logical question of, "How do you connect the co-ax?", we simply used the adaptor from the Test Kit that has a screw thread to coax fit.
  9. Fair enough, never seen one used like that before.
  10. Sigs can be a bit of a dry subject so we tried to keep it as lively as possible. Getting the blokes to think laterally (regarding improvising antennas) and giving them the knowledge to construct from different materials was really confidence building for them.

    Now if the OP had asked about 320s I'd be really in my improvisational element. Best radio the Army ever issued (for what I needed them for, I hasten to add).
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  11. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    The OP's lad may find in a bit hefty to lug about too....
  12. Merely character building.
  13. 349 piece of junk only good use was when sat in a trench in germany got a platoons worth of aa batteries every day :)
    kept my walkman going all year.
    argos does cheap simple walkie talkies 1/10 of the rate
    go for the 320s though excellant idea easily man portable:0
  14. I thought so on my RS course at Warminster. Being the biggest bloke in a section of midgets and Ghurkas I got the 320, 5.4 and all the spare ancils, batteries and a printer to stuff down my smock
  15. I'd recommend a mobile phone.
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