Clansman 321 Antenna Tunner/TURF

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by 5645andym, May 19, 2011.

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  1. I have just got my hands on a Clansman VRC 321 and the 25w Antenna Tuner (TURF) to play with. Unfortunately I do not have any manuals for either although most things seem very straightforward.

    I have figured out how to set the units up and how to connect a coax fed dipole but I am still trying to puzzle out the connections for an end-fed antenna and the counter-poise. There are two knurled knobs on the rear of the TURF, which seem to be for connecting the antenna and the counter-poise but there is nothing to show which connects to which.

    Looking from the front of the set, i.e from “underneath” the connections, they are at the top left and bottom right of the set. I would guess that the top connection is for the antenna and the bottom one is for the counterpoise but is this correct?

    Any advice would be much appreciated.
  2. the large central nut in the middle of the rear of the TURF is for your end-fed, this is (if memory serves me right) ceramically insulated from the casing, the smaller knurled nut in the corner is for the earth, counterpoise etc. Additionally, a ladder fed (rather than co-ax fed) Dipole can can be connected to these, one leg to each.
  3. Obvious now I look at it. Many thanks for the information.
  4. Just incase you think i made this up

    ROYAL SCHOOL SIGNALS TRG PAM 147 Dated 13th Feb 2003

    starting with chapter 3 notes on antennas and connections

    you mentioned two knurled knobs , facing the rear of the unit , the smaller one is for earthing to box body landrover or spike earth. the centre one which is much larger in size is used for whips and end fed antennas, the earth on this one must be connected to get the halfwave of the antenna. for dipole connect ur coax from the cjd straight to the dipole coxial feeder (front of turf above match) and then the coax from the RF coaxial socket ( BNC bottom right) staright to the 321.

    i hope this answers ur question

    i do have a table for tuning, each got seperate table, for 1m, 3m, dipoles (length 45m to 1.5m )and end feed with counterpoise (length 45m to 7.5m) and it looks all different tunes matchs and selects