Clansman 320s and 321s in Ebay

Alright for 6M if you can be arsed getting them set up.

The HF kit is a bit more useful.
I thought it was cheap for 10 320s on harnesses, and two 321s thrown in, if I dont get a good price for them on Ebay, I will list them else where, oops not me, my friend.
One of the pictures is of a couple of 353s?

Made me think of the systems on offer a mere 20 years on:

Secure speech

Amazing the shite you retain


Those pictures don't show 320s or 321s they show 351s and as P_G pointed out a couple of 353s


I think there area couple of 20w? amps in there so add some 352s to the list of door stops.
The second auction is for a 325 and a 321, is that where the confusion comes from?

I'd have had the 321 for the right price, but not a 353; other than 50MHz no use to a UK ham.


Looks to me like the manpacks are all 351s, a couple of SURF 4Ws in there. The amp went between the battery and the set, with the SURF on top of the set. Unless I'm being blind, of course. The 20W amp had heatsink fins on it, not seeing those.

And a couple of 353s, both no doubt shagged BER.
Possibly, it's been a few years since I last touched clansman.
Somewhere on /in Marske Moor is an A41!

If anyone finds it they may keep it. It was once the subject of an enquiry which ended in myself (and others), subscribing to a little fund - a fine to all intents - for losing it.

All I ask is a small contribution to my costs of the time (most of the others who were involved are either dead or "unaware").

All it probably needs is a new battery!

The irony is that we did not need it in the first place. And it should have been in a museum even then!
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