Clansman 320 radio

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by jimtylee, May 28, 2011.

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  1. Just got a 320 to play with, does anyone know if there was a lot of failures in the field on these units ?? if so what was the main fault.....surprised the 24 volt battery pack is still good.........
  2. I never had any problems with it, except maybe knackered old ancils
  3. Never had problems with it, if set up properly. Just don't use it on headset with the volume up.
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  4. Not really, main fault tended to be the operator....
  5. Brilliant bit of kit. Used HF as primary comms for 11 years. 320s more reliable than not, nearly all faults found on monthly checks so no very few failures in the field.

    I know of a soldier that once left one up a tor though.
    " I thought you'd picked that up Cpl B".

    "No Staff, that was your bit of kit, on your stand, that you were stripping out and bringing back to the CV".

    "Oh bollocks".
  6. Told the wife my new 321 radio is a portable unit and all obedient wifes must lug it about for their partner....
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  7. Hows the 320, 321 isnt for lugging about.

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  8. And the TURF, why not go the whole hog and make it a 322.
  9. INT ZBN 2 KK

    If I,ve got it wrong... I blame old age.
  10. 320 series were all solid and we'll put together. Unique fit cables so you could get it going in the dark. Reliable. Nice radio
  11. Always wondered why Kenya ex was supported by a 322 det, 1 fullscrew crypto custodian, 2 siggys and a raf person, passing live traffic to cyprus via morse ffs. I never sent so many zbm2s. Cyprus akrotiri were using the link as a training ex. Went to OCs meeting as the det comd, fullscrew was off touching animals. 'your quiet signaller, stand up and tell us how we can help' no messages would be nice sir. 4 ******* pages of utter shite that night.

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  12. TY.. i knew it was wrong..... but..... I did INT QRM 555 KK for Bob C as a text-tone.... him being an old E tech.
  13. Thanks.... it just didn't feel right... but it's being a looooooong time and I re-traded as tech.... which was a punishisment and a half went they sent me to Brigade, THEN they found not only do I do RR stuff, I can do HF/VHF....and the manpower moriatoriam was on....
  14. what she doesnt know about A-E radio classifications, can't hurt her.