Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Jiblit, Jan 23, 2010.

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  1. Anybody know what the impedance is of the pressel switch for the Clansman and the Bowman.
  2. I know how to spell clansman, if that's any help.
  3. Bloody Hell I bet the long hours just fly by in your house :D
  4. The switch as said should be either made or not made, no impedance value to record

    Are you measuring resistance across speakers/ mics??
  5. Left handed or right handed switches? HIBS or staff users? Clean or caked in cack? Tech repaired or Linie botch job?
  6. Alright B.C

    What im trying to do is match a headset to a radio with a 200-10K impedance......
  7. The impudence of switch bitches decreases when you remove the relays
  8. for sure....but i dont know how many pins the Bowman has !!!
  9. lol@ this but by the time i get my hands on them they'll have seen better days...
  10. Ok thanks for that tip, i'll get hold of one and see whats what....

    Safe journey -.-. --.- -.-. --.-
  11. Go and give yourself a severe talking to roadster280!

    The nights really must fly by!
  12. Right so let me get this straight, with the phones in parrallel "cant spell" and TX in circuit ?? parrallel .i come to the figure of 200 ohm which i think should be ok... 8)
  13. Holy crap! Back on the site for the first time in a long while and this just would be the first thread i read eh!!!!!!! There's five minutes of my life i won't be getting back, :x Snore factor 10. Snuffle.
  14. Good show :D
  15. So how does all that come into play when you do a phone patch through TASCOM?

    There's no pressel switch required then? Simply talk like you're on a phone!

    edit for mong fingers