Is it possible to buy a clamshell mobile unlocked uk that will do web, email, calls and texts?
My touch screen samsung has been dropped once to often and is playing up.
Just gone off touch screen.

Any ideas & yes I have used google and amazon, but thought those on arrse might come up with something different?
Thing I am to young for a dora mobile!!
Fuçk you're ancient
First star trek set in the 23000's so if you wait a little bit longer....

P.s. my screen cracked yesterday as well. I blame Putin
I saw a brand new clamshell phone for sale only yesterday, in Sainsbury's I think.

Joshua Slocum

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For some reason I was not expecting a conversation about mobile phones ?
if its any interest I have a Motorola clamshell here, but have not got a charger, the owner passed away and left it with my wife
I think its a BR50 Razr


Actually I just bought a Doro 6520 for my old man (he has Alzheimers, so I didnt put a Sim card in it...).

Its actually a fairly attractive phone, and quite cheap. Makes you remember how convenient it was to have a phone that answered the call as you opened it, and not have to swipe a greasy screen which has helpfully decided to overlay the answer icon with a message about wifi connection.


Try this

had a similar but much older and larger mobile to this one, it came out of the Ark. My grandchildren who are now in their 20's decided that granddad needed a new phone so they clubbed together and bought me a smart phone which is very good but still large and heavy, it works well and I can go on the internet, play games and it's a personal assistant as well. However it's well over the top for me. I just want a mobile that is small, light in weight and that I can press the buttons with ease having large fingers and being able to set up my contacts with ease. A phone were I can say hello and goodbye no fuss. This mobile appears to be the one it's simple and does the job, straight forward ring tone but you can have tunes if you want. Volume is adjustable and it has a built in radio, I always wondered why people had mobile phones stuck to their ear all day long. I was able to take the micro sim card from the smart phone, put it into an adaptor and insert it into the TTfone. All works well, it's will be a matter of time to see if it can stay the course. At this price If I can get 1yr or more yrs of use out of this phone, I will be well satisfied.
I echo what @Old Stab says. Armour case that you screw(well hex bolts) together. Proper bomb proof, I have a Samsung J5 and that has survived mountain walking, mountain biking and drunken antics.
Otherwise wait a bit Nokia are releasing a up to date one of these

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