Clamping ban from Oct 2012

Finally a break for the motorist from these crooks...

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01 May 2012

It has been announced by the Government today that vehicle immobilisation activity will be an offence in England and Wales from October 2012.

Until this change comes into force, anyone undertaking vehicle immobilisation activity must ensure that they are properly licensed to do so. Holders of an SIA Vehicle Immobiliser licence that expires before this time must either:
Cease this activity on expiry of the licence; or
Renew the licence if they wish to undertake vehicle immobilisation in England and Wales until October.

From October it will be an offence in England and Wales to clamp, tow or immobilise a vehicle without lawful authority. SIA licensing of vehicle immobilisation does not apply in Scotland. Vehicle immobilisation in Northern Ireland will continue to be subject to Security Industry Authority licensing
Not really a ban, just now these tossers MUST have an SIA licence, seeing as most already do - no ******* change.
The way I read it this is stricter regulation rather than a ban. Hopefully it will put those who are genuinely "cowboys" out of business.

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