Is it the units senior officers (CO or 2ic) that can decide which claims the lads in the unit can and cant claim, or is it laid down somewhere.
I am having a bit of difficulty getting an MMA claim for a course that is owed to me but the 2ic says I cant claim it.
Also where can i find out about claiming RES to POD? Dont say the admin office cos they dont know.
RobinHood said:
Dont say the admin office cos they dont know.
I would find it hard to believe that every single member of your admin office is this incompetent. Sounds to me like you've been fcuked off by one of the Junior Rank clerks who can't be arrsed explaining the rules to you. If this is the case then speak to the Sys-Coord (Pay Sgt to all you crusties!) and see if he/she can clarify things for you. If you're still not happy then request to speak to the FSA (Pay Warrant Officer) who is supposed to be a Subject Matter Expert in these things.

In the unlikely event that the FSA can't satisfy your request then you could ask to speak to the RAO, if it got this far however I would have to believe that either your AGC staff are truly that crap or you're just not grasping what they're trying to tell you.

I can't comment on your entitlement to a claim without knowing all the facts, if you want to PM me and fill me in on ALL the details I will see if I can give you an answer.
Cheers. OK here are the facts of the case.
Went on a career course from Germany to the UK with a warrant (Channel tunnel ticket) autherised by the 2ic of the regt. He told me the deal was if I got a warrant I cant claim MMA.
Can he do this or am I entitled to claim the MMA? (which will turn out to be quite sizeable)
OK, we're talking about German travel rules here so I'm not speaking from a position of authority as I haven't served there for a couple of years.

However, here are the facts as I see them. You were obviously authorised to take your own car (I presume the Chunnel ticket was paid by the unit or you paid it and were allowed to claim it back). In this case you are entitled to MMA at the PCR (Private Car Rate) from your Duty Station to the place of the course (or the notional mileage if that is still in place in Germany - used to be Venlo plus 50).

From the basic facts you have given me, as long as it was an official journey (joining instructions issued etc) I can see no reason why you weren't allowed to claim at least some of the MMA.

At the end of the day though if you're not happy or do not understand what the Admin Office is telling you, you are well within your rights to ask to see the regulations (RAAC and MAPD) and get them to point out where it says you are not entitled to claim. Remember they are there to provide a service (it might serve well to remind them of this by the sounds of it).

Any Germany based shiny arrses on the site care to comment?
I did the same trip recently & was told when I got back that no claim is admissible unless you are carrying lots of heavy kit & couldn't use the daily Trooper flights. If you do take your car you can only claim MMA up to the cost of the MOD contracted hire car to/from Heathrow/Birmingham to the place of duty & the fuel.

You CAN se your own car but can only claim up to the cost if you had used the Trooper (which is free to the BUDMAN), otherwise it is personal choice.

I dipped out, best way is to ask the pay rep before going. It WAS handy for me to have the car though which I used for lots of journeys that the hire car wouldn't have been available for.
Yeah, its just Ive always been able to claim MMA even if I was going back on any course. I thaought it was just this unit trying to fleece me.
Id just like to know if it written down somewhere so i can do some research myself.
It will be in one of the numerous SOBAGs (mysterious thick grey books kept under lock & key somewhere in the Travel clerks empire). If you are in Germany you can access them through the RAO. If you were previously getting MMA for journeys to UK then it's probably that unit at fault for not knowing the rules not your new one. In the late 90s HQ did introduce Own Way Travel where cost comparisons are done.

There seems to be little consistency in the rules or knowledge of them and it is a lottery depending on which unit you are with and if the travel clerk knows his job. Used to be better in Regtl clerk days when we had a dedicated font of knowledge who knew all the Regs over a long time :| if you ask me, but I am sure I am in a minority.

If your unit works like mine, they allow you to claim what it would cost for them to fly you to UK and onward MMA to your duty place. Although this can vary on how much notice you give them !, ie the later you tell them the more cash you get for taking your car as it would cost them more to get you on a flight.
The Rukes tend to change once in a while.

Now the way we have been told is:

If the soldier decidess to take his own car back from Germany to UK on a course he can only have MMA @ PCR from the nearest Airtrooper airport to place of course, (Airports are Gatwick, Heathrow or Birmingham).

If you have recieved a warrent for the ferry or tunnel

MMA at PCR from unit to ferry port at Germany Duty rate €0.27 per mile
MMA at PCR from UK port of entry to PLace of course at UK rate 24.4p per mile.

All the rules when they are changed are detsailed in DSPSIs
The rules laid down by UKSC(G) is that you get a 'own way travel' form completed and sign by your budget manager (usually your Regt 2IC). On the form you list the cost of your own method of travel (including ferry cost, fuel, DRSA etc) and also the cost to the system if you went by trooper (again including the cost of the trooper, fuel, hire car, subsistance etc). The budget manager decides which you can claim (funnily enough, usually the cheapest). In every BFG unit I have served with the forms are usually the movements clerk who will hold the form. If you get seriouly fobbed off, PM me with your details and I'll put one in the post.
Apologies for adding my tuppence worth. BBB is essentially correct.

If travel to the UK is for official purposes, the first option is to allocate flights. If this is rejected ie too much kit, then private cars can be used. However, what can be claimed for, and how much, is entirely the Budget Holder's (usually Second in Command) decision.

I have to say that when I was a Second in Command (only for 10 months admitedly!) I would have allowed payment of MMA in this case (purely because I liked seeing soldiers getting extra cash out of the Army for a change!), as I did in many others.

As has been pointed out above, each circumstance is different, and without knowing the full facts, it is hard to provide a definitive answer.
I call for more like the fine Mr sloping wire to be made two ice creams!
It must be confusing for budget holders to come to terms with the fact that that is NOT their own money.
The toms sometimes suffer, or do not get what some may argue they are entitled to, just because of the iron-like grip the said officer has on the purse strings.
I venture that a new lawn croquet set wouldnt inspire such a degree of avaricity.possibly.

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