Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by one_flew_over, Dec 16, 2003.

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  1. I did a job with the RAF once for a few days and when I turned up at the station a helpful clerk asked a few questions and worked out all the claims I could get. The army is pi55 poor at letting you know what you can get and we, the soldiers, must loose hundreds of quid over a career. RESPOD fo my bike was one example - a year into it I find ut I can claim!

    Please put down what you can claim, for wat and how! PIE etc when you are in a hotel.
  2. Interesting you raise this one.

    I was on a course at RMCS and and RAF bloke there told me that I could claim the RMCS OM "Extra Messing" charge on my 1771 as a PIE.

    As I am a member of my parent OM and already paying "Extra Messing" therefore you can't be billed twice. I stuck it down on my 1771 but don't know if I got it or not - lost interest I suppose it was only a few quid for the week.
  3. Let's face the simple facts... It's not that we can't be bothered to claim half the time or even that we don't know what we can get. It's the fact that it's so bl**dy tedious filling in forms which take 10 minutes to get 50 pence back in 3 weeks time. :(

    I mean is it so beyond the wit of man for the Army to design a system which means that I could actually just swipe my ID card while the clerk types a few figures and gives me a receipt? :?

    We are so archaic it's madness, but then, if we were more efficient we'd all claim more...perhaps I'm missing something / on to something..?!
    8O 8O
  4. Believe it or not, the implementation of JPA or JPAS in the near future is aimed at reducing the menace of tedious form filling and introduce self certification for small claims, no more hunting down a Capt or above to get him (or her) to sign your claim for 50p.

    Whether these major changes happen before I retire (currently 7 years away) or are as long coming as UNICOM we will see, but the light is at the end of the tunnel hopefully.
  5. Do you not book out of your Mess when you are on a course, therefore you should not be charged extra messing. I know that's what happens in our Sgts' Mess and I assume all other messes run along the same principles !! :D
  6. Sekundra,

    I agree your point about time wasting and filling forms in. The Army is one of the most inefficient organisations I know of that is not concerned about how its work force spends on time wasting activities.

    Surely there must be another way to quickly submit claims and that is not open to fraud or abuse. Does anyone know how the US Army do it ?
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Why not just up the pay a bit and do away with all these pointless allowances?

    It must cost £20 just to process each application no matter how much is being claimed.

    And don't even get me started on the time when one of my soldiers got a £0.01 pay statement.

  8. OK then. We won't.
  9. Ramillies, The septics do it much the same as we do. You fill in a TDY form and send it off to a central place and then it adds to your pay in 2 weeks or so. The do, however, have a more simple per diem rate rather than 5 or 6 different allowances for each day!
  10. O_F_Over,

    Thanks for the reply. Our claims system could do with considerable revamping as it is extremely complicated. It would be retention positive as well.

    Understanding the entitlement, claiming and then recieving the money is a long drawn out and time consuming process - so much so that many do not bother or even know they can claim.

    I am sure most would agree that it should be made easier on a cost neutral basis. I am sure this is possible - it just takes the effort to make it so.
  11. How sad - being on Arrse on Crimbo Day !! 8O

    To be fair, the majority of claims submitted are all for the same things, MMA, MIE, DRSA etc for going on courses. Surely by now the majority of the Army should know what they can claim when the go away on a course.

    With the advent of decentralisation now there should be at least 1 clerk in the sub units who can advise of what people can claim - or am I being too optimistic about the state of the AGC :?
  12. Or even better - be able to claim allowances on line. Quick, easy, no loss of working time and with Unicom, passwords and other verification methods, surely this must be the way to go ?
  13. msr

    msr LE

    I thought pay was on a different system to UNICOM...

  14. If claims were as easy as you suggest then the MOD would not write them in the great detail contained in the Regulations for Army Allowances and Charges, the Leave Manual, the Personnel Administration Manual and God knows how many other weighty tomes that all contain, somewhere in the footnote or small print or cross reference, that elusive piece of information that you need to know about.

    Our Regulations are archaic, few people know about them in sufficient detail, they change frequently, there is little consistency between the Services (and within some), they are written with the Cold War mentality of denial and challenge, they contain perverse rank contrasts (a young married Lt can claim more Disturbance Allowance than a WO1 with a house full of furniture...barking), they often defy logic and commonsense and, well you know it as well as me...............but the poor AGC clerks have to apply them - of course this is unpopular.

    The Regulations seem to be written in such a detailed and confusing language that prevent claims rather than encourage them. It`s up to you to challenge them through the Chain of Command, it can & does work.

    If we can`t have the system simplified then let`s have all the Regulations published on the MOD Web - and then YOU try and make sense of them like me !

    PS er, UNICOM makes the Babbage computer look state of the art, it was out of date before it was issued. A sub-unit management tool ? , there isn`t even a training package for it. In my Battalion it is used to fill space in the QM(T)s `gash kit cage`with the other old, unused furniture. The only search engine on it is for me to shout "er, Cpl B what is, or how do I ?...etc" we were better off with paper & ink than this junk, my excellent AGC Cpl beats Google every time !
  15. Our survey says...

    X X

    (wish I could do the sound effects)

    Wait for JPASS - then it will all go COMPLETELY wrong.