Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Sapper235, Jul 2, 2010.

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  1. I'm stationed in SE England, however I live in N Ireland..... I prebook my flights sometimes 3-6 months in advance to make to make it easier on the pocket...! I'm now posted to NI, can I claim back the money I have already payed out before I knew I was posted? Thanks for your help...! :?
  2. Claim from who? The Army for doing you a favour........or the airline for not predicting the future?
  3. You sure can. I claim at least 3 times a month on JPA just in-case something happens I'm not aware of
  4. To: Smudge67, thank you for your insightful view....! It's quite clear your reply is about as useful as a chocolate fireguard. Forums and general questions asking for help from a wider SME audience about subjects that are obviously above your comprehension are not your foray...... your not contributing to the forum, so do us all a favour and jog on.

    Just to reiterate my intial question to those that can help, I understand for operational reasons I can claim the money back on JPA, however this is myself trying to be proactive and plan ahead, unfortunately my meatballs cannot predict what Glasgow is doing....? Just looking for some constructive advice, Thank you
  5. Sell the ticket to a friend
  6. Sorry mate, the cost to change the name on each flight is £25 each way, effectively making the initial flight £50 more expensive... Del boy couldn't even manage that one...! Thanks anyway
  7. Alternatively, dry your eyes and realise that the taxpayer is not totally responsible for your admin because you wanted to save a few quid and now the army has changed its plans
  8. Ah...! Another constructive response.....! What's the matter, something happened in your past to make you all bitter and twisted ....?
  9. Gosh, you're a pleasant fella* aren't you? I take it you have insurance?

    *Did you see what I did there?
  10. Just telling it as it is... Yes I have insurance, I always buy annual multi trip, however just like volcanic ash, the insurance company won't reimburse as it's not included within the policy...!
  11. What do you want? Drain Sniffers answer was perfectly reasonable. Are you just going to keep slagging people off until you get the answer you desire.

    Ultimately the answer is no. Now fuck off you whinging paddy cunt.
  12. sell it to a friend with the same name!!
  13. Tube...
  14. Directed at me????

  15. Sorry gary rjb, not meant for you.... dingerr...!