Discussion in 'RLC' started by chino18uk, Jun 29, 2010.

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  1. Bit of a random one but someone must know....

    I was on PT yesterday and dislocated my elbow... the gym didnt have a clue what to do first aid wise and is run by a civvie, not only that but the Med Center is also run by civvie's and was closed by 1630Hrs. Anyone know if a claim can be set?
  2. a claim for what? Did they send you off to the local A&E?
  3. no they wanted to phone an ambulance. but a friend was takin me anyway and would have been pointless to take them up on the offer of an ambulance. they didnt even have so much of an ice pack
  4. not much chance of a claim there, the fact they offered to call you an ambulance (which you turned down) covers them somewhat as it would seem that they have a procedure in place, would have been different if theyd given you some soluable asprin and sent you home.
  5. Jesus, you are jesting me? A claim??? You've been watching to much daytime TV! :x
  6. Serves you right for using a crap gym. A fool and his elbow joint are easily parted.
  7. This must be a WAH?

    I stabbed myself with a broken staple earlier, can I claim?
  8. You can £5 I.E if you stayed in hospital overnight I think. Hope this helps.
  9. “I dislocated my elbow in the gym…can I make a claim?”

    My first thought…….YOU CHAV SCUM! :evil:

    Did anyone show any REAL negligence or was it just an accident?

    Just claim on your PAX and stop being a Jeremy Kyle walt.
  10. I'll make a claim on your behalf, I claim you are a chavvie scroat that deserves fook all!

    Man up cupcake! :evil:
  11. Better idea would be to get on JPA and put in your notice - you are blocking the place of some deserving young man or woman.
  12. What a claim to being the biggest Tosser going. There's no wonder the country is in sh1t state when you get dross thinking how to screw money out of the system.

    Think not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country........ fukcing arsse wipe
  13. ...perhaps it was cotton wool you were after?
  14. Did you complete an accident form? Also to be successful with a claim then you have to prove that someone has been negligent.

    Jus tout of interest, where do you think the money comes from that gets paid out in claims? Or the money that it costs to pay the defendant law firms and baristers? The costs of the claimants solicitors? The costs of hiring the court? The costs of medical and other experts? It comes from the MOD's budget thats where.

    Next time you go into the stores and you cant get boots for 3 months because there are none in stock I suggest you have a word with yourself.
  15. Only for being the biggest sheep's cunt on this site.