Is there any one out there whos claims take about two months to be paid?
My unit is only 10 strong and so we are admined by a major unit and they just say that the person who deals with our pay etc is always away. So this is the reason for the delay can this be for real or are they just bull shiting!!!! me thinks.
Does any one out there now if you can claim interest on the money etc due to the delay in payment, as this has been happening for 3 years now and i am starting to get really hacked off. :mad: :mad:

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Intersting question that you will see I have posed in the past with no response.   I am about £4K adrift at the moment so you can see I have an interest (excuse the pun).   I did ask a tame pay WO who told me that there is no method of paying predicted loss of of interest, the only system in place is, if, as a result of an Army cock up, your mortgage is not paid, they will pay the extra interest incurred.   I would of expected a better response from theese pages but never mind.


as a pay clerk my units policy is to have processed a claim within in 48 Hrs so that it is ready for them to pick up.(the 48 hrs does not include weekends or the soldier being lazy and not bothering to pick up his/her claim)
At least we can always use the excuse that it is in BACS system and out of our control !!

I always manage to get my claims in cash, makes up for being in the lower pay band !! :eek:

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