Claims to have a history of intolerance to fruit & veg

Fat boy may be put in care
Sunday Times Link
AN eight-year-old boy who weighs 14 stone, more than three times the average for his age, may be taken into care if his mother fails to improve his diet.

Connor McCreaddie, from Wallsend, near Newcastle upon Tyne, has broken four beds and five bicycles. The family claims to have a history of intolerance to fruit or vegetables.

On Tuesday his mother and grandmother will attend a formal child protection conference to decide his future, which could lead to proceedings to take him into care.

Connor could be placed on the child protection register, along with victims of physical and sexual abuse, or on the less serious children in need register.

The intervention of social services is a landmark in the fight against youth obesity.

The boy’s mother, Nicola McKeown, said: “If Connor gets taken into care that is the worst scenario there could be. Hopefully, we will be able to work through it and come up with a good plan and he will just be put on the at-risk register or some other register. That wouldn’t be so bad because, hopefully, there will be some help for us at the end of it.”
About time parents were held accountable for their children's ill being. Reminds me of an incident in our little town.

12 year old is caught with an arsenal in his school bag. Claims he bought the guns with his allowance and was planning to shoot up just a few "enemies" in his class purely for "self defense.''

Parents claim ignorance. I say bullcrap. If they don't know what is going on in their kid's life, who is expected to?

About time parents took an interest in their spawn's lives.
eight years old, and 14 stone

thats child abuse, plain and simple

poor lads fukced if he discovers that chips are made from a vegetable

best he stick to his crisp and chocolate diet
Bayonet the parents, get fat lad running up and down sand dunes (using same bayonet if necessary). If someone from the local authority can PM me, I'll tell you where to send the consultancy fee


[align=center]Fruit and veg intolerance, I can see them drafting legislation right now...

No doubt Msr Philips will pipe up shortly... ;)[/align]

(edited to add it may well mean the end of MLLLLAAAAAAARRRRRR'ing on ARRSE)
bigbird67 said:
does cider no count as fruit then?? Feck!! Next you'll be telling me that cocoa BEANS aren't veg!!
No sweetie, and no matter what the lads tell you that stuff is not in the protein food group either! ;-)
Just seem the fat kid on the ITN news. He was wheezing like a 40 a day smoker, he'd only been bouncing on a trampoline! His mother was no better, drippin with sov rings and chav-u-like tracksuit. Struggling to get him to eat fruit and veg my arrse. Probably wouldn't know a carrot if it smacked them in the face.

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