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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Sabre, Mar 14, 2005.

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  1. Appologies if this has already been done to death before.

    But whilst sitting here at work, bored out of my tiny little mind, my mind wondered to things like have i ever been famous, or come close to it?

    When i realised that the answer was no, other than appearing on a news programme jumping around like a mong on a pogo stick behind the journo when i was 10, It set me off racking my brains for what are my actual claims to fame.

    I hooked Jimmy White (snooker player) up to the Internet

    Mike Nolan from Bucks Fizz Nicked a pair of my Black socks - thieving Gypo

    Insulted half the Swedish football team in a bar in stockholm Just after euro 2004 and got thrown out. I never even knew who they were at the time!!

    What are yours??
  2. Was interviewed for Dutch TV responding to the (leading) question "What do you think about Cadet forces using real guns - isn't it terrible?" or something like that.... at age 14...

    Was at school with Mike Rutherford's (Genesis guitarist) son.
  3. Have been on Hi-de-Hi (twice)

    Appeared on one of those annoying ads on bfbs telly which come on between programs when there should be adverts. They were doing a piece on available amenities in Bielefeld, and we got a free days go karting out of it.

    Used to go out with a girl who went to school with Damon Alban.

    Guess i've had my 15 minutes then :roll:

  4. twice as long as that bird got then!

  5. Oh yeah, she got the full treatment mate :D

  6. In my youth i was quite a good cricketer, and my school team i played for played Darren Goughs' school. I hit him for two sixes on the trot, then he bowled me :oops: - still didn't do his carear any harm :?
  7. I am a bonafide film star!!

    well me and most the rest of the school.. :lol:

    we played the moving forest in the film "the scottish play" you know McB***....

  8. During a royal visit with Charlie, (Ex) king Constantine of Greece waved and spoke to me.........well he pointed and said "you've got your lens cap on" :oops:
  9. You mean McBeth?
  10. Princess Di came to our school, sat on my desk, and helped me with my homework.

    Of course, I did the polite thing, nodded, smiled, waited until she went away, then changed the answer back.

  11. Got on Sky News and BBC news doing the comms for the Queen's Jubilee Parade in Windsor a couple of years back. 8)
  12. Ahem.. my accomplishments are too many to mention..besides, being the modest type, I don't like to brag..

    did get to share a gin with the Queen Mum, though, and was present when she made a few generals and some top hats double over trying not to laugh...
  13. Dashing into Stansted airport whilst it was pishing it down. Just parked the hire car and was looking for a trolley. Head down, saw one coming my direction, shoulder barged the current user out the way as she had clearly stopped using it. None other than Joanna Lumley. Obviously shagged her in the toilets.... :roll:
  14. that's probably why she's always so fcuking sour looking. can't get the taste out.
  15. Oh No we are all doomed now :lol:

    but yes your right :lol: