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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Horridlittleman, Jun 18, 2009.

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  1. I am due posting soon and am generally happy with the claims and arrangements that can be made. So Disturbance has been applied for and a hotel booked through the correct channels, removals organised etc. However I am looking to send the jnr HLMs to their Grandparents for the weekend rather than having them terrorise a hotel.

    I reckon it would be saving the MoD more than £400 considering the requirement for a bigger or second hotel room and the extra DS that can be claimed if the kids stayed in the hotel?

    Is it possible to claim the hotel and DS for me and Mrs HLM whilst also claiming the flat rate of PAR for the kids at the grandparents?
  2. Paymaster,

    Many thanks for the short but no doubt accurate response. However if I'm not claiming PAR I can get my parents to feed the kids in restaurants and claim the money back up to the value of DS (no receipts required below £5), and get the MoD to pay for a hotel that isn't actually going to be occupied by a number of little people!

    Time for me to gripe at the system being rather inflexible and that defies logic. Maybe it should be a GEMS idea as it saves the MoD money to allow them to both be claimed simultaneously.
  3. Maybe you could come to an arrangement with the hotel manager whereby you include the kids on the hotel bill without them actually staying there. Then just ship the kids off to the grandparents anyway. A bit dodgy, but it's for the greater good. :D
  4. Which constituency do you represent?
  5. I know it looks bad, but it's all within the rules. No sense of the irony of this question after the pasting handed out to the "troughing" MP's on here.
  6. Receipts are required for DS regardless of expenditure.
  7. Confusion between DS and IE, perchance?
  8. HLM,

    You can only claim one type of Nights Subsistence for the same period NS or PAR but not both. Your DS will be calculated by the number of people staying in the hotel so you would only have £27.01 x 2 per night.

    I wouldn't worry about the cost to the MOD as the hotel rates are way above what you and I could book privately anyway.
  9. ET,

    Cheers for the reply. I still find it strange that I could claim for the hotel for the kids but not use it. Because I'm claiming for the hotel I could claim the DS for the kids as long as my parents kept the receipts. Or the system could realise that paying PAR and NS concurrently would be more efficient and cost effective in some instances.