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Claims help please?


Just wondering if anyone can help me out and let me know what I can claim in the coming weeks as I move to N.I

Just to give you a little outline,

I am posted and the Army have already paid me my Disturbance Allowance and have paid for my overnight ferry crossing..

I have removals booked to arrive and pack up my quarter on a Monday and have arranged for cleaners to come and clean my quarter on the Tuesday, with the march out booked for the Wednesday morning,

So, I will be staying 'elsewhere' on the Monday and Tuesday night's, before travelling up to Holyhead to get the overnight crossing to Belfast on the Wednesday night...

What can I claim en route to Belfast? Can I claim IE? Can I claim for my fuel? Can I claim any allowance for my wife and 1 year old daughter for food and drink for the journey to Belfast? Can I claim any monies for staying elsewhere whilst my house is empty and being cleaned prior to marchout?

Any info on any of the above would be appreciated and any other things I may claim for would be helpful (money makes the world go round after all, AND keeps the wife happy!)

Also, if anyone does reply to this post with info, can you explain how I claim for any of the above please, is it via JPA AFTER the journey or can I submit a claim prior to the journey, if so how..

Thanks in advance/
.... :D
Anywhere online that I can find that JSP?

Plus rather than read it and it confusing me with the usual JSP 'jargon', I was hoping that someone from this forum may be able to answer my post in simple and leyman terms...
Might not be a bad idea to have a word with your new admin office - it will be their RAO who will audit your claim if it gets pinged. You can claim an advance on JPA but you will need to enter the actual claim ASP on arrival otherwise the advance will be recovered from your pay!! If you need any advice after speaking with your new unit feel free to either re post or drop me a PM.


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