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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by FindFixStroke, Mar 25, 2008.

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  1. I have a long standing claim (from 2006), that has been passed backwards and forwards a bit under the old system, been lost (silly me - didn't take a copy) and been sat on while we all visited the Gulf. It is fairly large (£1000 or so), so is it too late to claim it all back, and how do I do so under JPA?

    Thanks for any help.
  2. you can only try last october i put a claim for IE for a course i did in 2005 and it worked
  3. I recently received near 2 grand in backpay from over 3 years ago, get your stuff together and put in your claim.
  4. Should go on a manual JPA spreadsheet up to the JPAC, it's all in the Manual Claims BPG availiable through your HR.
  5. Manual JPA spreadsheet. That sounds exactly like what I need. Thank you. I knew the clerk was being slack when he suggested putting all the claims in as 01 Apr 07.

    IE for 2005 - I'm fairly certain that you can only claim IE after it was brought in, not backdate it. Please correct me if I'm wrong, as I'll be quids in!
  6. ERM no I didnt say IE if its me your refering to, it was POHR
  7. FFS,

    IE came in in around 1998!!

  8. Indeed, it's been around for ages, albeit called PIE (Personal Incidental Expendature).
  9. Bugger, back then as I recall it was approx £2.90 per day, if I am right, I need to get a life......stanby for incoming.
  10. In which case, could we claim for it back-dated on JPA? If so, quids in!

  11. No way, JSP 752 states that you can backdate for up to 6 years, but you will be unable to do it on JPA, and the legacy rules under PIE will apply, I think reciepts would be needed, I will stand corrected if wrong, in addition, all backdated claims would be at Lagacy Rates aswell.

    You would have to submit all on a manual claim as stated above, like I said, reciepts, I think, will be required.
  12. I remember its introduction well you are right LJS it was £2.90 per night - we had queues of AAC pilots putting in 1771s for one night's worth!!

    There was only a brief period in 06/07 when receipts were required, prior to that every time you were away from your permanent duty station on temp duty there was an entitlement - as long as some expenditure was made for the elements it is for, i.e. laundry, phone call home, newspaper (which there obviously, always is!)

  13. Paywog, please tell me that I can claim, I must have at least a grand or two built over the 6 years - even at 2.90!

  14. As he says, do the research, or get your HR to do it, and submit a retrospective claim with the required supporting documentation, if needed, over to you my freind.

    No reason why you shouldn't, if the regs are followed to the letter, thus, you are covered.

    Good luck with that, mines a pint of wife beater.
  15. What he said!