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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Weissbier, Sep 12, 2006.

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  1. Looking at the Medical Discharge thread, it is a big misconception that service personnel can no longer make claims as a result of the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme.

    If a serviceperson has been injured through the MOD's negligence since 5 April 2005, application can be made to the AFCS AND IN ADDITION a legal claim can be brought for compensation aganst the MOD which could well be for considerably more than under the AFCS. The time limit for making a legal claim is 3 years as opposed to 5 under the AFCS - contact The Royal British Legion for further details on 020 7973 7215 or else click on to
  2. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    The RBL may be your only hope, plus do you have 200 years to spare?
  3. The RBL has brought about a realisation of hope to very many.

  4. Issuing a summons against serving individuals tends to speed things up:)
  5. Still doesn't really help those who have had symptoms or problems appear after the time has run out (3/5yrs etc).
    It's all bollocks really! My dad was thankfully able to claim against his former employer (we're talking well over 20 yrs since he left their employment) for Asbestosis and how it ruined his life until he was sadly taken. Didn't live the life of reilly of the compen though as a massive chunk was instantly grabbed by the government to cover the disability benefit he had recieved. It did slightly make up for the fact that my mum had to look after him for a long time but she's still going to have to work till she's 70 to be able to afford to retire as they could never afford to have anything put by due to dads ill health and no life insurance company would touch him.
    As an employer myself I have to keep records of employees and insurance etc for 40yrs+. The MOD are getting off lightly as usual
  6. Yes, it does if the date of knowledge of the injury was after 3 years; only then does the 3-year limitation period start to run.
  7. Did I read that correctly or was I having another retard moment? :?

    I'm taking that as the three years starts from when you discover the problem . Regardless of when it was instigated.

    Nah sod off! There's no way the MOD will leave that gate open! Would be a change if it was though :D
  8. HEHE - I'm suing the baastads and they are pooping themselves already - they know what they haven't done.......