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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by stevie1967, Apr 25, 2008.

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  1. last year i broke my leg playing football during work time (on duty)

    due to the nature of the injury ive been told i'll have a permanant minor disability

    Q1,im insured with PAX with my personal accident insurance,how do i go about claiming for this minor disability?

    Q2,i was told i can claim thru the Army Compensation Scheme,how do i go about this?

    thanks for any help
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  3. Q1. contact the PAX claim line they will take all the information and guide you through the process

  4. Call freephone 0800 212 480 during office hours (or +44 20 8662 8126 if overseas).

    They'll ask for your service number to confirm cover - if you've changed cover recently having a pay statement to hand will be of use.

    To claim for the fractured leg, the break should be full thickness but a sporting accident, whether on or off-duty is covered by the Plan.

    The permanent disability would full under Section B and could be:

    Cover 5 - permanent loss of one hand or foot. As loss here means loss of use (partial as well as complete but the pay-out will reflect the degree of disability).

    Cover 13 - fractured leg or kneecap with established non-union.

    The helpdesk will be able to talk you through this but, accept in obvious cases such as traumatic amputation, the claims team will request access to your medical records and confirmation from your consultant that the condition is permanent. This will all be covered by the claim form that they will send you.

    If anything crops up feel free to pm me.


  5. once again thanks for your help