Claiming your MMA against your Tax Allowance


Apparently, its possible to credit money you get back in MMA claims against your Tax Allowance for those of you nearing the top of the lower limit.  Any RAOs shed any light on the subject?
Yes, this is possible - I've done it....
You should be able to get the correct tax office address from your friendly and accomodating (alegedly) RAO, when you contact them they provide the relevant forms to fill in... etc etc.
For instance: for every mile done at PCR the tax allowance is approx. 44p - you can work the difference out for yourself..
You do not need to provide details of journeys - just the totals done!!!!


Help, I have become dull.  My first post is on MMA and Tax.  Aargh!!!!

Easy to do.  Army pays approx 23p per mile for duty journeys.  Government allows 40 odd p per mile (probably 44p as said above).  Claim tax relief on difference.  Only applies to duty journeys and not to such things as medical appointments, haircuts etc.  Of course, it is even easier to use MT cars or hire cars (the latter being the fastest cars in the worls).

My next post will be more banal; honest.

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Been there and done it.   My Admin Office even keeps a running total of all my MMA claims so all I have to do is ask for the end figure in april when I fill in my tax return.
I knew I should have photocopied the RAAC when I had the chance !!

All claims for MMA @ PCR that you have received will (should) be recorded on your AF O1874 which will be held by the RAO or Fin Clk's, so it should be easy to see what journeys you have had to use your own car for.

I am sure that you cannot claim for RPOD/RILOR against your Tax Allowance though but just give the Inland Revenue a bell and they will be only too happy to answer your questions.

You can find the address on your P60 - if you got one this year. I know I didn't (Damn you AFPAA(G)) !!! :evil: