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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by brettarider, Mar 8, 2006.

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  1. Stupid question time!
    Now I've heard that you can claim the tax back on polish,hair cuts ect how do yuo go about this? also could I blag it and claim the tax back on my gym membership due to the fact that I'm expected to keep fit t do my job? got a kid on the way so any money I can claim back will a gosend after finding out how much childcare is going to cost us :( Oh anything else I can claim back the tax on?
  2. yes you can...but you'll find it amounts to about £20 a yr...for the time and effort, you'd be better off renting you arrse to sailors on west quay...
  3. Polish, haircuts, gym etc - a big N O! Whoever told you that was repeating an urban myth.

    What you can claim is for membership of an institute (esp useful for management, electronics, mechanics, aeronautics, medical skills etc). Charitable donations if you pay tax at 40%. Assuming that you are serving, you can claim for the difference between the rates paid for MMA and the official rate of 45p/mile (IIRC). Pension contributions - but NOT if in a defined scheme such as the Forces'. And that is about it.

    Self-employed people have a wide range of reliefs that they can claim and usually employ accountants who know all the wheezes, sorry, rules.

    Childcare is a different matter and you should read the IR website. Aside from the electoral bribe of £250 for each new-born, there is a system of buying childcare vouchers which, I think, starts in the MOD in April. I don't know anyone who understands child tax credits and will therefore not comment - other than to remark that only a Labour Government could destroy the education system and then invent a benefit that only a few clever people in the Treasury can understand!

    If you are a Labour politician or "luvvie", instead of that tiresome proletariat thing called "tax", you can, instead, make a donation to the Party from the income that you receive from assets that are squirrelled away in tax havens, and everybody who is important will think you are very clever and you will quickly become a Minister or will be promoted to the peerage. Gifts from Italian politicians and/or businessmen will be treated as income and no-one will think it strange. In fact, a place in the Cabinet beckons if that happens! Of course, anyone who is not a member of the Labour Party who tries the same trick will be exposed in the Press as a rich, ne'er do well capitalist.

    I leave you with two thoughts:

    Do you think Gordon would give away money unnecessarily?
    Do you really want to have to complete an annual tax return in order to claim some of these "benefits"?

  4. Litotes, thanks for that info. Do you know if this rate applies to RSPOD ?
  5. No, it does NOT apply. You can claim that difference only for travel undertaken for business purposes for which the military reimburses you, but that excludes, for example, a trip for medical or educational purposes, amongst others. I have no idea why they are excluded and didn't bother checking. RPOD is paid at a level which recognises that you would have driven to work anyway..... Again, one could argue that if you work in Tidworth then you should be quartered in Tidworth - and if you aren't, then the Army should pick up the whole tab... But those are the rules!

    I haven't done the calculation for a while, but a couple of years ago, I was driving 15-20,000 miles a year on business and was in the 40% bracket, and when I submitted my tax return, I received several hundred pounds. A pain in the arrse doing the calculations, though! And you have to keep all the records!

  6. Cheers Litotes.