Claiming tax back for laundry/haircuts..Slush Fund Info!!

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Heywood_Jablowme, Apr 21, 2007.

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  1. Can anybody shed light on claiming this tax back?

    I'm not too sure of how to go about it, however i've just had a mate claim a shed load of money, something like £1200.

    I think he said that it's six years worth or so and then you can claim it yearly thereafter.

    I approached the Admin Office and they know something about it but I'm a little surprised it isn't well publicised. I've hads a quick glance through the other threads and haven't seen anything there.

    Any info greatly appreciated.
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  2. I have a copy of a letter someone has used to ask for this money.

    They wrote to;

    South Wales Area Service
    Ty Glas
    CF14 5YA

    Basically it states their National Insurance number, how long they have served for and that they were obliged to launder uniforms supplied to them from the MOD at their own expense and therefore want to claim for the "agreed laundry allowance at the rate of £145.00 a year" (for each year they served).

    Not sure if it worked as it was only sent in March. Also not sure if there is an upper limit etc.

    May as well give it a try though.
  3. Any chance you could copy the letter to here so we all can use it :twisted: :wink:
  4. Please don't pick on me :cry: :D

    Don't have it electronically but its a simple letter (not that well written) with 6 lines in the main body thats why I just stated the main bits before.

    "National Insurance Number: [insert number]

    I have been employed as a member of the [insert Service/Corps etc] as part of the regular Armed Forces since [insert year], and I am obliged to launder the uniforms supplied to me by the MOD at my expense.

    I therefore wish to claim for the agreed laundry allowance at the rate of £145.00 per annum, for the last [insert number of years served] years, under the statute of limitations."

    I don't know what the statute of limitations bit means but that was what the letter said. I think that once you've claimed for previous years, you can then claim at the end of each tax year.

    Hope this helps
  5. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    I'd wait out on this one for the moment folks. There was something arrived in my inbox yesterday regarding this from the 'higher ups'. In effect it said DON'T send any more letters to HMRC as they are in the process of discussing the issue.

    Having said that HMRC have emphatically said that you WILL NOT be reimbursed any money for haircuts as these are not solely attributable to service.

    I'll try and dig the whole letter out on Monday.
  6. We had an attachment on our orders reference the HMRC, as sson as im back on Monday ill put it up here.
  7. I would say applynow it's your tax claim and up to you to sort it out and claim it. The CoC are in no position to tell you otherwise,
  8. A letter has been sent to the MoD saying that all letters received will be ignored until they have reached a decision as to whether laundry costs will be reimbursed. From the jist of the letter, it looks like if the decision is made to pay out everyone will get it.

    Public Department 1ComplianceTÅ· GlasLlanishenCardiffCF14 5XZ

    Mr M T BainesMinistry of DefenceArmed Forces Personnel Administration AgencySO1 Management ServicesMP, Kentigern House65 Brown StreetGlasgow G2 8EX
    Tel 029 2032 5878
    Monday to Friday 8.30 to 17.00

    Fax 029 2032 5954
    Date 20 April 2007
    Our ref 940/HF221(13)/2S
    Your ref

    Dear Martin

    Claims for Laundry Expenses and Military Haircuts

    I refer to the substantial number of claims recently received from Service personnel for the cost of laundering uniforms, and for military haircuts.

    The claims have been received from various Regiments throughout the U.K., so are not confined to any particular Regiments or geographical locations. The numbers received are considerable, and South Wales Area Service, which has responsibility for dealing with claims for expenses, is unable to deal with these on an individual basis. It would be greatly appreciated, therefore, if the Ministry of Defence could arrange for internal guidance to be issued to Service personnel advising that the claims will not be acknowledged or dealt with on an individual basis.

    As you are aware, the question of tax relief for laundry expenses is currently under consideration. However, it may be some time before a decision is reached on this, and so I should be grateful if Service personnel are advised that the matter is under review, and that no claims will be admitted in the interim.

    The question of tax relief for military haircuts is not under consideration. The position has always been that no tax relief is due for the cost of military haircuts. The expense is not incurred wholly, exclusively and necessarily in the performance of the duties, as required under Section 336 Income Tax (Earnings & Pensions) Act 2003. This position has not altered, and I should be grateful if you could arrange for guidance to be issued which confirms this.

    Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

    Please contact me if you have any queries, or wish to discuss the matter further.

    Yours sincerely

    Jayne North
    Employer Liaison Team Manager
  9. Does this mean if we don't get allowances for haircuts that we can grow our hair and beards mexican bandit style?

    Surely this means that anyone ordering you to cut your hair is now in breach of sex discrimination legislation as our female colleagues don't have to cut their hair or shave (QARANC excluded from that obviously).

    If women can claim a tights allowance, we should be able to claim a haircut allowance.
  10. Ex Matelot here and now in the oil industry. I thought about this as well.
    Went to my local tax office and they said it is all above board, they gave me a land line to the tax office that deals with me, after a few questions to confirm identity etc they checked if I was in a category for the allowance - as it turns out I wasn't entitled to it (worth a try).
    So it seems to be that simple - give the tax office that deals with your wages a call and get the ball rolling - YOU are ntitled to this allowance and also the back dated allowance for six years.
    Hope this helps.
  11. God dont you feel like second hand citizens when you see a letter like that above,

    we wont even reply to your letter, your not worthy of our response ! how nice.
  12. Spam them with more and more!
  13. Well there you go..i'm owed £2900 then.. :lol:
    But i'm not holding my breath.. :roll:
  14. Some of the women Ive worked with need to shave :evil:
  15. Why ever not? The relationship is between HRMC and the taxpayer and has nothing whatsoever to do with the Services. Get off your arrse, Jayne, and start writing letters in response to those people who pay your wages!

    I also think that if Gordon hadn't made the tax system so bloody complex and expensive, this wouldn't happen.

    It's an interesting point, though. Whilst the haircut issue is a dead duck, the laundry expenses refund should be granted. Our uniform is issued and any civvie worker who launders his or her issued "uniform" can claim the tax refund. So, why not Service personnel?

    As the HRMC has kindly drawn this to my attention, I may well spend some time drafting a letter this weekend!