Claiming tax back for consumables....

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by sc_obvious, Feb 2, 2005.

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  1. Dont know if anyone has actually done this, but always met someone who knows someone who has.......

    As we are required to have boots polished, haircuts, cleanly shaven, pressed kit, medals court mounted (repeatedly after each fcuk'n medal parade) can you claim any sort of tax relief ?

    I only ask about this coz im starting to really f***** off with that git gordon nicking all my hard earned cash

    Thanks in advance if you know anything, and if your gonna beast me for being a tightarse - thats ok as well :roll:
  2. Cheers badger lady
  3. Ive just been on the phone to the inland revenue (8th Feb) about 'Uniform Laundry Expenses', they informed me that as members of the Regular forces, we can claim £70 per year (you can earn an extra £70 a year before tax) and it can be back dated for up to 6 years, for the rebate you will recieve a cheque.
    You need to write a letter to:
    Inland Revenue
    Government Buildings
    Ty Glas
    CF14 5YA

    containing the following information:
    Name, N.I No. Army/RAF/Navy No. address and how long youve served.
    and thatll be you sorted!!
  4. Cheers filbert - hopefully a nice fat cheque for £420 is winging its way to me, then being promptly diverted to bugger.
  5. cheers, i have taken you up on your advice an wrote to the inland revenue and will post my findings and hopefully a cheque on here so we can all get some of our hard earned cash back.
  6. just had a call from the inland revenue, apologising for giving me duff info and you cant claim for uniform laundry expenses!!
    what has confused me is the fact that when i was originally on the phone to them on the 8th Feb, she tapped my name into the computer and confirmed that I hadnt yet claimed that tax back!!

    Inland Revenue, thieving lying gypos!!
  7. so that means we dont get/aren't entitled to anything ? Gutted ! good job I did'nt email everyone in work then.....
  8. I wonder how many of us have sent letters already.....

    I await a negative reply....

    Worth a try though....
  9. Unfortunately the Inland Revenue are not consistent, advice from one official will differ from that of another.

    My advice is to claim - they can only knock you back.
  10. Just got a letter saying fcuk off though when I rang the helpline again they said that I was entitled to 'earn' £70 per year more before I am taxed. So rang up the tax office who I got the letter off and am waiting for them to get back to me to explain why they said no. The general gist of it though was that the things I was claiming for (sports kit/haircuts/medals mounted etc) they said was not exclusively for work purposes and it was upto me what 'standard' of equipment I buy. I always wear my medals on the p1ss though.

    Will let you lot know how I get on with the phone call though I'm sure you can all guess...
  11. My letter arrived today

    Quote - Relief in respect of uniform expenses is given via the MOD net pay scheme so no further relief is due.

    It would be an interesting esercise to follow this through and find out exactly what the MOD think is included/not included in the net pay scheme. I will have a look into this when I get a chance.

    It was worth a try, though.
  12. Net pay scheme ? whats this ? or am i bein a absolute nob for not knowing
  13. Not quite sure, but I think that it is tied into 'Other Tax relief' box on your pay slip.

    I will try to find out more when I get a chance to do some Intranet bowsing.