Claiming on Pax

Just a quick one. I injured my shoulder during build up training for Herrick 4, and since then I have been very prone to shoulder dislocations. It has gotten to the point now that I have been down graded to P3 and I have been referred to a orthopaedic surgeon for shoulder stabilization surgery. I then will have around six months of post surgery rehabilitation.
I have tried contacting Pax on a number of occasions regarding this to find out whether I can put in a claim for this as I have had my units at 15 since we returned from Herrick 10. But everytime I try to contact them it is like speaking to a brick wall. I just want to know if I can put in a claim.
I thought I would pick at your brains as I don't really want to bother anyone in my battalion over this as obviously it is a hive of activity for Octobers pending deployment.

Pax Bloke gave me some good advice nearly two years ago. It has taken that long for Chartis to determine the magnitude of the cliam, but thaey have literally just come up trumps. I turned down their first offer, provided them with more evidence, and then accepted their second offer.

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