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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ipaq, Dec 19, 2008.

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  1. Am I able to claim back parking charges from London on JPA.

    The vehicle was military white fleet and parked up inside the congestion zone for 5 days due to a course paid for by my unit.

    I'm asking as I can not get to a JPA terminal until the New Year.........

  2. Could you not park at the course venu, if not you can claim on JPA, not sure if there is a drop down for car parking under Other Duty Travel, prehaps someone else on here will know.
  3. Course venue has no parking facility. I had to walk in each day from the Hotel to save on a parking fee of £35 at nearby car park as well as the Congestion charge every day! The hotel car park charged £23 a day so this was the cheaper option.
  4. There is an option in a drop down box for car parking because I have just used it, I think!

  5. Definately an option for car parking.
    However for the bizarre which do not appear and are obviously chargable back to the Army the FSAs that I have had since the intro of JPA have always said put it down as taxi fares and then add the explaination in the justification box - talk to your FSA and they can be quite understandable (well some can be).