Claiming on JPA, baggage allowance / kit insurance

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by fazzy, Oct 4, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone know of the baggage allowance/ insurance claim. Can you claim it each way on a journey (by air), does it only apply for air freight? Can it be caimed on RAF flights? How long can it be back dated? Potentially a nice little earner!!!
  2. I recently claimed for insurance for my baggage (comfort box) to cover transit to/from Afghan. Not sure of the detail (there's a JSP somewhere) but I'm pretty sure its connected with OWP and does not apply to all/any baggage.
  3. Fazzy, don't claim anything until you have explained the moves to your HR Staff and they have told you which qualify.

    Not doing that or taking some mates advice would be a nice little earner of ........jail time.

    There also seems to be some giant rumour going round about claiming IE back for courses done long ago. Firstly IE only came in in Apr 07 and secondly you have to ask the original unit's budget manager's permission and prove that you have not claimed it before (which is mega difficult).

    CGS has just put out his fraud instructions and he appears to keen to have a crack down on random claiming. Cave Claimor!
  4. I only say nice little earner as i have been away 3 times this year and havent claimed owt! I was thinking it was around 40 quid per flight or journey? I am not in any way thinking of fraud its just....well... why doesnt someone sit you down and go throug all the things you are entitled too! why that would be stupid!!!
  5. IIRC the claim you can make is for unaccompanied baggage (normally a comfy box). It is not for baggage taken on a flight with you.
  6. Yep, I would only claim for sending a comfy box on tour and in the pre-jpa days I wouldn't put it through unless you had your proof of insurance attached to it.

    Your baggage is 'accompanied' by you when you are on the same plane as it, otherwise you would be claiming when it is in the Pantec with the baggage party as well.

    You can claim it both ways for your comfy box and it is a nice little earner (should pay for your annual kit insurance policy).

    Another 'gimme' from the Army along with IE, which I am sure came in a long time before 2007, possibly in another guise though (£1.50 a day for 30 days rings a bell - UK only) :D
  7. I believe it was Miscellaneous Incidental Expenditure, then Personal Incidental Expenditure (or the other way around) before it became just IE. It's £5 a day (per overnight) in the UK and £10 overseas. Not payable on ops or exercise.
  8. JSP 752 states that you can not claim it both ways, it is not exactly clear though. I have spoken to Bde and they have confirmed you can only claim one way