Claiming - Not sleeping in a proper bed??

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by franklin, May 2, 2008.

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  1. One for the HR Administrators:

    I am in receipt of FIA and travel alot with my current post. We do not use the hotel budget and sleep in camp cots in TA centres around the country.

    Someone has recently told me that we are also entitled to claim £5 incidentles per night away, AND more due to the fact that we are not sleeping in a proper bed?!

    Can anyone confirm this? Thanks
  2. You can claim for incidentals. Every day that you are away from your own bed means you are entitled. Some clerks and authorising officers will try to fcuk you off but it is in the relevant JSP - forgotten which one. I was in the same boat a while ago so I dug through, found the chapter and quoted it to my authorising officer. I won.
  3. You can only claim incidentals if you are on a course for more than 5 days
  4. That isn't how we do things round my way. You should be able to claim IE for every complete 24 hour period spent away from your duty station. I regularly claim for the odd day here and there.

    To answer the original question, I don't exactly know the ins and outs of this but if you are away from home so much I believe you can apply to have your job classed as an "On the road" post. This means that you can claim LSA for every night spent away from the first night rather than waiting for the minimum period.

    Please bear in mind that I am not AGC or any sort of JPA guru but I spend a lot of time away from home!

    Would anyone who knows better please clarify this? I would certainly be interested in the exact criteria for a job being classed as OTR.

  5. Seconded. Claim for every 24hr period you're away for. It's all in the JSP.
  6. What sort of shite management would sooner see you sleeping rough.....and it is, when there is the possibility to get you lodgings?

    I always worked on the principle of if there was no mess accn available then we went to a hotel.

    You could really save the mod money if you took a bivvy in the boot of your car and pitched up on the nearest roundabout.

    FFS, it seems to have got worse in some quarters, not better!
  7. In my first posting there was no accomodation for us, so we had to rough it in a local pub, for 12 months

  8. Here here. Sod this, we´ll rough it and save the MoD some cash. Either stay at a local barracks or stay in a hotel. Esp if you are on the road that much. Trust me, they fcuk you right over when they get the chance, so don´t do them any favours.
  9. As per some of the above posts you are entitled to £5.00 per night, no minimum, no maximum - no receipts required - if questioned you: 1. Bought a newspaper. 2. made aphone call home. 3. had your underwear laundered! Ref the not sleeping in a proper bed - no such allowance. However, you may find sleeping in a TA centre without a fire piquet (guessing) is against fire regs so, unless you take enough people with you to provide such cover your only option should be to stay in a hotel!!

  10. Its £10 per night here in Canada. Is that the same for all locations outside the UK?
  11. The rules are clear mate: no service accommodation commensurate with your rank=hotel.

    Book through CHBS and you will get accommodation and meal plan of your choice ie B&B or DB&B. You will have to pay for it all yourself and then claim it back on actuals so receipts are a must. Can't remember what the daily allowance is but I think it was in the region of £21 but that will reduce if you get the Dinner option with accommodation through CHBS.

    The IE (incidentals expense) as mentioned above is payable for every 24 hour period away from your home bed. No receipts are required.

    It is disgusting that your management are not obeying the rules. It is not up to them to decide whether or not you have correct accommodation. I am certain if you blatantly disobeyed something they had published as a written order you would be deep in the crap.

    Politely explain the situation to them. The budget is there to be used for it's correct purposes which is HOTAC.



    PS As you know doubt have guessed this is a bit of a "point" with me!
  12. PW, I'm not so sure that there is a claim for IE as a camp bed on the floor of a TA Centre might well be thought of as "transit accommodation" but there should be a full claim for DS as in accommodated but not fed.
  13. This sort of wilco, muck-in attitude is exactly what separates soldiers from their counterparts in the RAF. Franklin is clearly NOT whinging about sleeping in a camp bed, merely seeking some recompense.

    To consistently place your soldiers in this position, by making such demands of them, whilst they are entitled to proper accomodation, is perhaps what differentiates todays Army officers from their RAF counterparts.

    The military covenant is supposed to work at all levels of the CoC, not just the bit at the top.
  14. PM,

    Rules do not debar a claim for IE when living in "transit accommodation" only if under field conditions. Totally agree with your DS comment though (any claim abated by the food element of FIA).

  15. Also been told by PASO that you aren't covered by insurance either so if theres an accident no claim