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I have served in the TA (UOTC) for 2.5 years. This summer I was attached to a battle group on Ex Medman in Canada, resulting in us being abroad for 45 to 50 days. Would someone please tell me whether this makes me elligible for LSSA or LOA payments.

Many thanks
Not to sure on UOTC entitlement to these allowances, I think you come under the same rules as everyone else, maybe someone else can guide you on eligiablity to allowances for UOTC Cadets, however, LSSA would be a 10 day qualification period backdated to the first day for the duration of the exercise, if Canada is an "LOA Area", check with any RAO country wide for the rate, then yes, however, I believe that LOA has just ceased for exercises.
Is there no longer an Exercise/Field Conditions rate for BATUS?

I certainly recall seeing people getting that the last time I was involved with a unit on MEDMAN
05.0105. Reserve Forces Personnel. Members of the Reserve Forces, with the exception of non-mobilised Regular Reserves and Cadet Force Adult Volunteers,will be eligible for LSA in line with their Regular counterparts (but see paragraph 05.0107g).

06.0111. Ineligible Personnel. Service personnel and/or their immediate family are ineligible to receive LOA under the following circumstances:
a. During assignment on operations or exercises for which the Operational Welfare Package is in effect although, for eligible personnel, Residual Rates for permanent assignment areas will still be admissible.

b. On a visit to an LOA area to carry out an expedition or adventurous training, with the exception of staff assigned to that area who are undertaking their primary duties, who retain their eligibility to receive LOA.

c. During private visits, including those made by indulgence passage, to an LOA area. A private visit is defined as: ‘where a Service person, and/or their immediate family, visit an LOA area and is not entitled to travel at public expense’.

d. When they are locally enlisted Service personnel, including FTRS (Limited Commitment) (FTRS(LC)) and FTRS (Home Commitment) (FTRS(HC)) who have special terms and conditions of service and rates of pay except when specifically authorised by JPAC PACC (eg FTRS (HC) who are deployed overseas).

e. When they are personnel in receipt of the United Nations Mission Subsistence Allowance (MSA) except when specifically authorised by SP Pol Allces via JPAC PACC (eg if MSA has been abated to cover only accommodation).

f. When they are Army Cadet Force Officers, Combined Cadet Force Officers, Adult Instructors or School Staff Instructors.

g. When they are Attachés, Advisers or embassy-based Service support staff overseas.

h. When they elect to remain in an LOA area during a period of Additional Maternity Leave, or Additional Adoption Leave.

i. When they are non-mobilised Regular Reserves

Does this answer your question??

From the way you highlighted your post you seem to be implying that OTC Officer Cadets are either non-mobilised Regular Reserves or Cadet Force Adult Volunteers. They are neither. They are fully fledged Group B members of the TA. They are, ultimately, eligible to be mobilised. As far as I am aware any finance rule that applies to the TA in general applies to them as well.
I have got a question about LSSA. I have just finished a course which lasted just under 8 weeks. I have been told as a soldier based in London I am not able to claim LSSA on my course down in Dorset and after 28 days i loose my London pay but another person who is based in germany on the same course is entitled to LSSA and residual LOA (excuse any spelling mistakes). I know there is something else I can claim which is far less than if I received LSSA and also I don't build up my days to get me on to higher levels or towards a bounty. For 1 how is this fair for soldier like myself who still rent a property back in London which isn't excatly cheap. Its all well and good saying that I receive my London allounace because i chose to live out and receive money to offset the extra cost of being based in London but when the money gets stopped when I still am paying out for the property while still being based in london is as i feel unfair. Yet if you are on the same course based in germany where cost of living is cheaper your able to receive LSSA. Who gets the raw deal here? If i have got any of the facts wrong then i appoligise.

I don't think you would get LSSA but didn't you get GYH(D) instead?
I think I will receive GYH(D) but it would be better to get LSSA and to have equal goal posts for everyone. Yet another way the Army penny pinchs the lads that really need the extra money
The GYH is nothing but a scam to save money and reduce morale. I was posted from a UK based AD Regiment to a Regiment based in Germany. My captains course was due to start a week after arriving in Germany. Those nice cnuts at MCM then delayed my posting order until after the course.

Result? Thanks to getting GYH instead of LSSA, the money received was enough to pay for ONE trip home during the 2 month course. Get You Home? Fcuk You Off morelike :(
common_sense_nco said:

I don't think you would get LSSA but didn't you get GYH(D) instead?
LSSA is designed to compesate when for service reason you cannot return to your duty station/home during periods of standown.. the guy in germany could not beck there and back within the standown period i.e the weekend so he gets LSSA, you however could get back to your duty station therfore you get GYH(D)

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