Claiming from Easy Jet.

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by specop140, Jan 11, 2007.

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  1. Wasnt really sure where to post this.

    Im just looking for a little advice from anyone out there.

    A few months ago i was on an (Not so) Easyjet flight and after arriving at my destination my bag failed to make an entrance at reclaim.
    Usually i wouldnt be that bothered as it has happened a few times before and have always got it back, however ..... this particular day was the day i was best man ... And my No. 1s were in the shagging bag!

    After rushing off to a suit shop and having to buy everything else i needed to keep me clothed and clean for the weekend i attended the wedding and promised myself to get the funds back from said airline.

    In total the costs in incurred to me came to £200.

    I sent copies of the receipts to Easyjet and i have had an offer back of £25. Which is pathetic.

    Was just wondering if anyone had ever suffered a similar circumstance and if so, did you threaten to take them to court to recover costs.
    Its what i thinking of doing very soon if they do not send a cheque to cover their mess up. (I realise that they do not handle the baggage, but it was to easyjet that i paid my flight fee).

    Thanks in advance all,


  2. I would be inclined to write a letter to EasyJet along these lines:

    Dear Sirs

    I refer to my previous correspondence dated xxx, and to your derisory offer in response.

    You do not appear to have considered the special circumstances surrounding my claim. I was travelling to a wedding where I was to be best man. My best uniform was in the baggage that you or your agents failed to handle correctly. I was therefore obliged to purchase suitable clothing for the ceremony and the next few days.

    In the circumstances I consider my claim for £200 for replacement clothing, for which expenditure I provided receipts, to be reasonable.

    I now look forward to receiving, within 7 days, your satisfactory proposal to resolve this issue. If I do not hear from you I will issue a claim in the County Court for the full cost or replacement clothing together with a further amount for the stress and inconvenience caused, my costs in bringing the claim, and interest.

    Yours faithfully

    EasyJet are still responsible as the baggage handlers are their agents.
  3. Sorry to be the voice of doom but…
    Although Easyjet are responsible for the airline handlers, you may find that if you read the small print, the conditions on the ticket may restrict compensation costs to a maximum of £25.00, and you are advised to take out travel insurance to cover additional costs.
    The other argument that they will use will be, the cost of ticket you bought compared to rival airlines. I don’t know how much you paid so this may be mute point, but they have said in the past that people have paid £30.00 for a £250.00 ticket so you are already £220.00 up!

    Best of luck!
  4. Flying Felix and ViroBono,

    Many thanks for the replies.

    Certainly food for thought.


  5. I claimed off Easyjet in March when they cancelled a flight from Prague and 14 of us had to get back to the UK (Matelots and Pongo's on a stag do). We had to get a minibus taxi from Prague to Frankfurt and a flight from there to Heathrow with BA.

    They DO payout above their maximum stated amount.

    IIRC the Easyjet flight cost about £40 each but the diversion cost £220 each and we got that back.
  6. Not a lawyer, but if there is a compensation limit of £25 in the contract, then this may well be deemed an unfair term by a judge and struck out.

    Can't do any harm to make a claim on

    if they won't play ball.

    I've made a few, and in every case the company has seen sense before we got to court!
  7. Easy Jet managed to lose one of my bags before Christmas, containing an item of considerable sentimental value and my mess kit. This bag has failed to reappear and they are now saying that it has been irretrievably lost. Obviously not happy, especially as an ex Matelot who worked for their baggage handlers told me that they only actively look for it for one week and then passively for 3.

    Having looked into compensation etc, the liability of airlines for lost or delayed bags is limited by the Warsaw and Montreal Conventions to a MAXIMUM of 1000 Special Drawing Rights for lost or delayed baggage, equivalent today to approximately £512.82
  8. Love to know how you got that.... I have written to the CEX when my flight to Bristol two weeks ago was cancelled, told by every customer services manager over the next 3 days that I was entitled to nowt. Still waiting for a reply from CEX,
  9. Great advice there.

    Thanks for all of that.

    I have now written to easyjet and have stated that i will seek legal advice and take this further it they fail to deliver.

    Will keep you posted.
  10. Had to take this course of action with BA and it worked. They offered a paltry sum of £45 for lost luggage (two cases) on returning to LHR from SF.

    Received a bog standard letter on first contacting customer services. When I threatened legal action they ignored me totally. Only one course of action after being treated in that manner!

    I even reclaimed the original cost of the legal action from them and an apology. I do enjoy seeing the big boys eat crow!

    They can suck my buttocks and swallow! This customer won and will again if needed:numberone:

  11. Easy jets policy is to be as unhelpful as possible in claim cases as most people are to lazy to follow it up. Check your rights to compensation then take it to small claims court. The chances they won't even turn up and pay what ever the court decides as it is not worth the money to fight it and they've already made their money from all those who don't fight them.
  12. We kept receipts for everything, banged them in as soon as, knew what rights we had and made sure that they knew we weren't going to be fcuked about and put pressure on them constantly until they paid up.

    But to be honest, I think Easyjet are a bigger bunch of cowboys than Ryanair...and that takes some doing...