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Claiming for missed holidays

I've heard that there's a mechanism for claiming back the cost of holidays missed for service reasons via JPA provided that you hold civvy travel insurance.

Is this true? I'm assuming that there are a number of limiting factors and qualifying thingamies, does anyone happen to know what they are?

Vielen dank!
Not sure, but IIRC there is no system to pay for missed holidays from military funds.
It is often repeated on Part Ones that personnel are to ensure that they have adequate holiday insurance.
Companies such as USMIA specialise in policies that include cancelation due to service reasons and all you need is a letter from your CO.
Refund of Nugatory Holdiday Expenditure. Ch 10 of JSP 752 has all the detail. As anything, pretty long winded. In essence, you must have applied for leave (ie, JPA Absence Authorised), then booked holiday, then been told that leave dates have to change (or similar), IN THAT ORDER.
Yes, you should have civvi travel insurance, however if you don't, I think you get the refund abated by the cost of a standard (NAAFI?) insurance policy.

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