claiming for company car


i have a company car through work, my GF is at uni and doesnt have a car

i have to hand the car back and read this on sabre....

Company cars
If you have to return a company car while you are mobilised, and that car was the only car available for use by your spouse, partner or dependants, then you can claim a flat-rate allowance of £10.70 per day (roughly £325 per month).

ive been racking my brain because i cant figure out how could i prove the fact that my gf doesnt have car and she used mine/i gave her lifts (not very often but now shes stuck to buses)

any ideas or will i need to rely on sabre for help?
you don't have to prove that she doesn't have a car, just that you have a company car - a letter on company stationary from the secretary will do.
i already have an official company headed letter from one of the directors stating that i have the use of a company car and i have a letter from the inland revenue now stating it has been returned.

i thought about asking her to keep all the reciepts for a week or two, problem is she doesnt go back to uni until the middle of september and im off by then.

hopefully they'll accept the 2 letters as proof, its very bland and non informative as to how to claim for things.

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