Claiming FIA, what can i claim when away from unit for 24 hr

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by fazzy, Mar 29, 2008.

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  1. I know i cant claim the full 21 quid but what can i claim? is it £13 then i pay the rest, or is it whatever i claim they will pay back minus the FIA charge?

    For instance, i have 3 meals which equals £16
    I recieve 13 back


    I receive 16 - FIA RATE.
  2. When you make a DS claim put yes in the FIA box but claim the full amount of receipts (up to £21.90) this will be abated by the food element of FIA (currently £8.54) don't forget rates change on 1 Apr - I don't have new rates to hand at the moment! Be careful if claiming NS and DS for the same 24hr period, if you put yes in the FIA box on both elements you will be abated twice.

  3. still a bit foggy.. new to jpa

    say my meals come to £6 for NS, will i get the 6 quid back?
  4. No, you need to be claiming more than the abatement to get anything, as you are already being paid £8.54 per day to feed yourself.