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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by robsven, Jun 25, 2006.

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  1. Since initially applying to join the Army, I've travelled to the Army Offices at least 5 times for various interviews, BARB test, signing paperwork etc. Each time I travel, it costs me approximately £10 (as I'm travelling into central London from Herts). I've now got to travel to the Army Offices another two times - once to go over my Contract and Terms of Service, and then again two days later to swear my Oath of Allegiance. Roughly, I would've spent about £70 on rail fares - and most of the time I was only in the office for an hour or so.

    Do you think it would be possible for me to claim expenses, even though I'm not officially in the Army yet? Money's pretty tight at the moment, and wasting yet another £20 is going to dent the wallet considerably.

  2. I am sorry, Robsven, but I cannot exactly answer your question - but hate to see it unanswered!

    Talk to the ACIO. Make the point that you are poor and that you can't afford to join up at this rate, and can they provide you with a travel warrant? Suggest that you cannot afford to turn up for the attestation......

    You might ring them and ask to be sent a travel warrant (which converts into a ticket) for the next appointment!


  3. And the Army will deduct any costs not due to them from your pay.

    The Army will only pay for authorised expenses. If the car hire is not authorised by them, it will cost YOU. The car hire contract is between YOU and the car hire firm. You aren't in the Army yet, so the Army doesn't come into the equation.

    Part of the expenses form (AF O1171) includes a statement "Cash expenditure on expenses was necessarily disbursed by me....." Hiring a car would not be necessary if warrants were issued.

    Follow the procedure dictated by your ACIO.

    edited to add - Baghwan's an idiot.
  4. You see Bagwhan, this is the reason you have been awarded the Oxygen Thief ranking. It was you who mentioned hiring a car and leaving it on an MOD car park so that the MOD would have to foot the bill. Either you removed your post, or a mod did the right thing and removed it.

    I do not intend to start an argument here, so no biting from you is necessary. Mods, I am sorry for going off track but I'm just trying to make sure Puttee doesn't look like a fool, and people realise that Bagwhan is a chump. When/If you remove Bagwhan's post, feel free of course to remove mine also.
  5. It all has to do with who gives a damn in the Admin Office. My experince is that you can claim for umpteem things if you are aware of them. The AO is very reluctant to advise you on what you can and can't claim for and unless you see it in black and white (and decipher correctly) you will probably never know. As a Tom I would not have felt comfortable asking an AO Cpl/SNCO if I could look at regs etc. to check up my entitlements even if I had have been aware of them. They'd have fcucked me off completely or made it difficult. That's the way the mil works. That's the way Govt. works. Be prepared to be screwed unfairly your entire life.
  6. It's OK D_R, it's sorted. :)
  7. Robsven.

    If money really is tight at the moment, then why not get the bus instead of the train. Granted, it will take an extra hour each way, but you can get a return ticket for £3, saving you £7 per trip.

    The weather is getting better and ogling out of a bus window during a hot summer beats being stuck in a tunnel.
  8. Alternatively that extra 2 hours each day could be spent earning some money closer to home at minimum wage which would pay for the full fair and leave you with a bit left over to treat yourself.
  9. I can afford the train tickets etc, but it's just incredibly irritating especially when that money could be used for buying things I'll need during Basic (such as new running shoes... or beer).

    I seriously wonder how many young potential recruits in the UK get put off even attempting to join the Army because of all the travelling to interviews etc they have to do - especially in the London area. The main reason I posed the question was because I wondered if I was entitled to claiming expense, seeing as I'm obviously not a time waster.

    Also, my Dad happens to be a London Bus Driver so you'd think I could get free travel quite easily. But Mr Livingstone said no to that.

    Thanks for your suggestions though guys (excluding the hiring the car comment...)

  10. Buses ? Trains ? Hire Cars ? BLAHHH

    Run it man, it'll do you good
  11. Lee,

    I was obviously joking earlier, but there was a message behind the post. Consider what you are about to embark on - a job that could last 22 years that could take you all over the world and expose you to sights and sounds that 98% of your fellow countrymen will never experience. Just pay for your travel in the meantime.

    Perhaps you should postpone joining up and work for a year in the private sector. It will make you appreciate the army that much more.


  12. After working for 12 months in a deprived South African village teaching children how to read and write, and the dangers of HIV/Aids etc (btw, I had to pay them for the experience, I received zero money in return) I can assure you I appreciate all the things in life that most people take for granted. I'm 21 years old and have worked as a Lifeguard for 3 years, and have also taught children from inner London (who have honestly never been in a swimming pool before) how to swim.

    The point I'm trying to make in my post is that I guarantee a lot of younger people cannot afford to travel back and forth every other week to the Army offices to sign a piece of paper. Considering in another thread, it's claimed that the British Army has the second highest Military Expenditure in the world, then would it be fair to say that potential recruits should pehaps be provided with some sort of warrant whilst getting through the endless interviews/watching videos/dotting the I's/crossing the T's?
  13. Robsven. This is really a question to ask your ACIO. It wouldn't surprise me to find that you could be reimbursed the cost of your tickets. If so, he would need to see evidence. Give him a ring and find out. Also ask if you can bring in the tickets/receipts for your previous journeys, if you still have them.

    Please also post the result of your phone call on here so that other people in the same situation can be advised accordingly.

    Best of Luck!
  14. OK, apologies. I guess spending £19bn (?) on fighters we don't need does strain the purse strings though. My time in the mob exposed me to some people who allowed themselves to become inculcated by the dependency culture.

    OT, but I was hugely impressed by some African kids I met about a year ago who were over here on an exchange trip. Their school had one hut and most of the lessons were conducted outside under trees, weather permitting. I think they were 12 years old. They were so polite and although their accents were strong, their English grammer was very good. The only problem with meeting kids like that is that you become ever more cynical about some of the end-product of our magnificent education machine. But hey - wudeva.