Claiming debt over seas

hi all,

My brother is x mil and got out over 2 years ago and went to Australia.
a letter tipped up the other day mt my house saying he owes 1000 pounds.

260 from intial bank account and the rest fees. dont worry he asked me to open his mail and he knows about it.

he has no intension of coming back to the uk anytime soon. Will this debt company ever be able to collect this money with out ever getting a hold of him? and can they collect if he is in another country and doesnt pay uk tax??

Depends how much they want to pursue him. Just because he is out of the country doesnt mean he cant be made responsible for his debt - I assume he signed papers and knew what he was doing at the time. At the very least, the bank or whatever could get a judgement in his abscence and, as he is in Australia, might seek to have the debt recovered there. Naturaly the amount of money to be recovered may be increased due to "costs". Alternatively the people he owes money to could get a judgement and wait til he comes home. If I were him I would try to negotiate with them and pay the debt. Apart from anything else those that he owes money to, if they are a bank, could trash his credit record and that could certainly follow him to Oz.

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