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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Me1975, Feb 5, 2010.

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  1. Me1975

    Me1975 Crow

    Can anyone provide me with the correct information please.

    My husband has just spent the last 4 weeks away from home on two sperate courses.

    He submitted his expenses today and was told he was only allowed to claim for his milage and £5 per day he was on the courses. Which seemed a bit stingy to us, as he had to pay out for meals every day, he's been told the £5 per day is for meals?

    I was talking to the families officer earlier today whom said he was sure, that £27 per day could be claimed. The £5 was for news papers etc?

    My husband has been to see the clerk, he has told my husband he is only allowed to claim for milage and £5 per day?

    Who is right? Can anyone please explain?
    Where would i find the correct information?

    Thanks Me1975
  2. jt9563

    jt9563 War Hero

    It all depends on whether Military Messing was available to him or not. Yes..(albeit at the camp next door maybe) no he can't claim food.

    If there is no way the Military could have fed him, then he can claim food up to the relevant rate.
  3. Me1975

    Me1975 Crow

    Thanks for the reply

    the course was 240 miles from our house and it was Pay as you dine camp.

    Clerk is telling him he can only claim £5 per day, no matter what he spent on food?

    Just doesn't seem right to me, which is why i'm asking. Husband hasn't been on many courses, so he doesn't know either.

    Would just like someone to give us the correct info, or tell me where is can be fond, so that husband can claim for what he is entitled to.

    Thank you again
  4. yellowbelly

    yellowbelly Old-Salt

    If it was a Pay as you Dine camp, he can't claim for his food. Agreed, he had to pay for his food, but as he was fed from service sources, he can't claim that money back. You said he had to pay for meals out every day? If that means he was eating in restaurants because he disliked the mess food, then again, not entitled. He would get £5 Incidental Expenses for a 3 min phone call, a newspaper and laundry. Should get Get You Home Travel too for mileage from course to base, but depends on length of course.
  5. Bottleosmoke

    Bottleosmoke Guest

    As there were messing facilities he cannot claim for food. He pays for it just like everyone else.

    He can claim £5 a night for Incidental Expenses and the mileage if service transport was not available.
  6. jt9563

    jt9563 War Hero

    PAYD, always a bone of contempt for PADs on Course. No, he can't claim it back. If it was a normal unit he would be subject to paying for all 3 meals, whether he ate them or not. At PAYD, he has the flexibility to just pay for the military meals provided that he wants. Ergo, no claim. Do check that he didn't pay Accm though, which he shouldn't have done, and that he got GYH(M) at the 240mile rate.
  7. Me1975

    Me1975 Crow

    thanks all....

    At least we know now, what he's claimed for is all he can claim for.

    I must have confused things here, he didn't eat out (not that rich :eek:)) he ate in camp every day. But nonetheless you guys have put it straight for us.

    I'll check he claimed for the correct milage, but from what you guys have said it all seems to be in order.

    Thanks again.