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Claiming bank charges for going overdrawn

Can anybody help. Earlier I went overdrawn and as a result my bank charged me for the pleasure. The reason why i went overdrawn was that i had a huge chuck of money taken out of my pay incorrectly. This was later resolved by the Army and i spoke to my bank who said that they could not refund the charges due to an Army error. Does anyone know if i can realistically ask for they money from the Army. I does annoy as it took 6 months for my last pay rise to take effect.

I was in the same situation as you about ten years ago. I had over half my take home pay stopped in error.
I was given a cheque on the second of the month to cover the money that had been deducted but by this time the bank had returned some of my direct debits.
I got a copy of my bank statement and statements from the different companies who's requests for payments had been returned 'refer to drawer'. After I presented these to our admin staff, a heated discussion between various people in the clerk world resulted in me walking away with another cheque to cover the cost of the charges.
I had the same happen to thing years ago., with the morgage coming out on the 1st of the month.

Write a letter to the bank explaining everything and they refunded 50% stating that as it was not their fault but the Armys so I should ask for the other 50% from the Pay Office.

Any guesses what I got back from the Army :?
What about taking the army to the small claims court. Has anyone done this and got a result. Maybe if more of us went down this route they would get their act together.
Yes, you can claim it back. If you can prove (via bank statements), that you were not overdrawn prior to your salary being credited, and due to your salary not being credited, you incurred bank charges for your Direct Debits etc (If it was the Army's fault, that you did not get paid, not yours through fines, putting in incorrect details on JPA Self Service etc)

You should be able to claim them all back through the Imprest Account - speak to your FSA and they should be able to guide you further.

I had a similar problem.

On commisioning (LE) I was discharged then re-enlisted as an officer which is the norm, unfortunately the pay part of the re-enlistment was not activated and I didn't receive any pay until my agreed overdraft limit (which had been covering my Direct Debits etc) had been exceeded and I received a letter from my bank asking if I had left the Army because I wasn't receiving pay anymore and they had started to refuse to accept any more DD/Bill payments etc..

I produced the evidence of bank charges to the pay office and they paid up in full (approx £150).

Hope that helps.
Good advice from Cobbler and daylightshrubbery. Get it back through the system if at all possible. There is a duty anyway to ask for payment before resorting to court.

Zapped said:
What about taking the army to the small claims court. Has anyone done this and got a result. Maybe if more of us went down this route they would get their act together.
Yes has been done, successfully. The basic story is on the BAFF website - www.baff.org.uk and click 'JPA' on the menu.

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