Claiming back VAT on items bought in UK

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by skintboymike, Jul 30, 2010.

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  1. I'm returning to BFG shortly, and am thinking about making a couple of electrical purchases before I go, as they are much cheaper over here. I've heard of people buying a car in UK, moving to Germany, and then claiming back the VAT when they get there - is it possible to make a similar claim for white goods, TV's, etc? If so, how?

    (Yes I know I'm a money grabbing ****, but HMRC wouldn't thank me if I wasn't. :) )
  2. Bump....................................
  3. You will have problem claiming back the VAT as Germany is in the EU. In the civilian world, you can only claim back VAT on goods bought in the UK if they are exported out of the EU. I used to "work" for HMRC and we had similar inquiries every day. As the EU is, in genera,l one customs union, VAT or whatever it is called in member countries can only be claimed back when the goods leave the EU and a Customs officer at the point of exit puts his stamp on the form. If you go into almost any big store in this country they will not tell you this as it may stop you buying goods from them. From memory there are a few anomolies such as the Channel Islands and Gib. VAT can be claimed back on good taken to both these as the CI are not in the EU and although Gib is, it is not part of the customs union.
  4. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Actually you do, on first purchase.

    From bfgnet - The Official Internet Site of the British Forces in Germany ->" So You Are Posted to Germany"

  5. Simply put: buy the stuff you need in Germany when in Germany, or in the UK if you don't mind it being almost impossible to make a warranty claim. The chance of you getting the VAT back is the same chance I have of shagging Natalia Imbruglia tonight....
  6. Wait untill you get to Germany and then order it from Amazon, job done, tax back, no dramas.

    (Unless of course you want to buy a fridge freezer the size of Wales).

    The NAAFI is selling 50 inch LCD's for 499 Euros at the mo...........
  7. I did have an idea it wouldn't be straightforward, but stranger things have happened so it was worth a punt. A mate of mine in Germany has told me that electrical goods have become extortionately priced, is this really the case? (down town that is, not in the NAAFI)
  8. When your a resident in Germany first, go back to UK and when you pay say you want it Tax Free, the shop will give you a Tax Free form, which you can take to your Country exit point and get the money back.
  9. By Tax Free I assume you mean VAT? If so, please read my previous posting. VAT can only be claimed when an article is exported out of the EU. The VAT Form has to be stamped by an EU Customs officer at the point of exit from the EU. As Germany is in the EU, you will find it hard to get it stamped. A UK Customs officers should not stamp it as you are taking to goods to another EU country. Of course you do not have to believe me. Try asking Mr Googe, "hmrc vat recovery export" - see I told you so.
  10. We managed to do a few years back. Living in BFG we ordered from John Lewis Export department, picked it up from Peter Jones in Sloane Square, they provided the Tax Export Docs and we claimed it back. I can't remember the details but it might be worth talking to them.
  11. 1982 bought video recorder and camera from Dixons whilst serving in UK but posted to BFG, got customs form from Dixons had it stamped at German custom post on entry sent it back to DIXONS (kept a copy) received cheque for tax in about four weeks issued by DIXONS
  12. In order to claim back the VAT the item will have to be sent to your BFPO or German Quarter Address, you cannot bring it across yourself.

    However if the invoice has any of those addresses on it as a delivery address then Bob's your Uncle, you then need a 15(10) form from your Mwst Office / Regt Acct in order to then get the VAT Back.

    AT55, we are entitled under the SOFA to reclaim VAT, makes no difference that we are still in the EU.
  13. Hi, i dont suppose anybody actually has a copy of a 1510 form they could actually send me.

    Trying to track them down is a nightmare.

    Also can you explain why i have to pay for one to be issued when some companies accept them with a signature from a wo2 or above.

    Any help would be great as 5 hrs of searching on the net is a nightmare. and remembering i had one before and deleted it is even mor frustrating.

    thanks again